today in black history

May 26, 2017

Althea Gibson became the first Black to win a major tennis championship on this date in 1956, winning the French Open.

Today in Black America - September 11

POSTED: September 11, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Remembering a Future That Many Feared

One Vaccine Shot Seen as Protective for Swine Flu

President’s Speech Allays Some Fears in the Health Insurance Industry

Obama’s Speech Is Seen as Unifying Democrats

Last Year’s Poverty Rate Was Highest in 12 Years

District Relents on Obama Talk

A Clear Responsibility

Eight Years Later

The Christian Science Monitor

Recession takes a toll as US poverty surges

Obama saved 1 million jobs, White House says

DNA evidence clear Florida inmate after 26 years

Obama tries to build momentum on healthcare reform

Was Joe Wilson right? Facts on illegals and healthcare

.Joe Wilson outburst a windfall for SC Dem Rob Miller

Baltimore Sun

Young adults a key to health care reform

Chaplain works for help for 9/11 responders

Video prompts ACORN firings

The Washington Post

9/11 as a Lesson, Not a Memory

Where the Towers Stood, Delays and Disagreements Mount

Details Still Lacking On Obama Proposal

Report Notes Sexual Misconduct by Prison Workers

Group to Review Henry Gates Incident

Rhee, Union May Be Close to Deal

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Margaret Clifford, granddaughter of Booker T. Washington

Army captain disputes Obama's presidency

Los Angeles Times

Medical school drops $125-million suit against L.A. County over King/Drew closure

Poll finds Californians don't trust state government

Outrage over Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst isn't dying down

Meet the real Van Jones

Chicago Tribune

Downstate lawmaker takes a walk during President Barack Obama's speech

Crowded Chicago school faces a year of frustration

Detroit Free Press

Joe Wilson owes America an apology, too

Union withdraws support for Bing


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