today in black history

March 19, 2018

The all Black Texas Western University team made history, winning the NCAA basketball championship over Kentucky in 1966.

Today in Black America - October 1

POSTED: October 01, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Swiss Health Care Thrives Without Public Option
House Leaders Trying to Give All Democrats a Say
White House Proposes Changes in Bill Protecting Reporters’ Confidentiality
Justices Will Weigh Challenges to Gun Laws
Paterson Says He’s Sure He Can Beat Giuliani, if It Comes to That
Wonderful Copenhagen

The Christian Science Monitor

4,000 US troops to exit sooner from Iraq. More ready for Afghanistan?

Why is Israel now quiet over Iran sanctions?

Supreme Court to review ban on certain aid to terrorist groups

The Baltimore Sun

City girl, 14, who was hospitalized with swine flu dies, aunt says

Dixon faces 2 trials as lawyers seek dismissal of some charges

The Washington Post

What Makes a Health Plan a 'Cadillac'?

Senate Finance Panel Has Votes To Pass Health Bill, Baucus Says

The Centrist Public Option

Number of People Getting Lifesaving HIV Drugs Rises

Students, Supporters Rally to Save Vouchers

Chicago Tribune

Derrion Albert killing: Pleas for calm amid 'war zone' near Fenger High School in Chicago

Office of Cook County president hires law firm to investigate county finances

Boom for community colleges

Black religious leaders unable to decide which candidate to support

Detroit Free Press

Collapse of deal for Saturn stuns GM

Profiles in incompetence

Los Angeles Times

Family of unarmed shooting victim files claim against L.A. County

FBI probing possible civil rights violations by Burbank police officers

California tax reform plan much too bold for Capitol

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Outstanding water bills reach $811,011

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