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April 23, 2018

The "Journey of Reconciliation," the first "Freedom Ride" into the Jim Crow south took place in 1947, organized by CORE.

Today in Black America - October 6

POSTED: October 06, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

As Job Loss Rises, Obama Aides Act to Fix Safety Net

In Debate on Health, It’s Coverage vs. Cost

Justices Decline to Hear Some 2,000 Cases

Amount Embezzled From Acorn Is Disputed

16-Year-Old Held in Killing of a 13-Year-Old in Queens

The Politics of Spite

The Christian Science Monitor

Healthcare tests Obama’s grasp of Capitol Hill game

McChrystal's Afghanistan comments: insightful or sedition?

On healthcare and other hot issues: Follow the independents

Baltimore Sun

Officials urge public to get swine flu vaccine

Judge denies motion to dismiss perjury charges against Dixon

Former home of Parren Mitchell to be auctioned

The Washington Post

Obama Rallies Doctors

States Resist Medicaid Growth

Students Protest Teacher Layoffs

Trouble Waits After Class Is Dismissed

Atlanta Journal Constitution

'Respect' may have been behind 'Housewives' fiance slaying

Georgia gets first batches of swine flu vaccine

Detroit Free Press

2 Maryland men accused of scamming Michigan churches

AFSCME, Bing stand firm on cuts

Bobb to discuss DPS bond issue with Detroit city council

Ex-drug official named Detroit cop watchdog

Los Angeles Times

Verification of illegal immigrants is scrutinized amid healthcare debate

Council committees recommend LAPD hiring freeze

California spends millions in late-payment fees

Chicago Tribune

Fenger kids tell why they fight

Columbia College sued by former teacher alleging discrimination

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