today in black history

October 20, 2017

Jomo Kenyatta, African nationalist and first president of Kenya, was born in 1893. He would lead Kenya from 1964 until 1978.

Today in Black America - November 24

POSTED: November 24, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Charges Detail Road to Terror for 20 Recruited in U.S.

Right and Left Join to Take On U.S. Over Criminal Justice

Economy Is Forcing Young Adults Back Home in Big Numbers, Survey Finds
Conservatives Make a List to Measure Candidates’ Commitment
Obama Issues Sharp Rebuke of Mugabe

Baltimore Sun

Jury ends third day of deliberations without reaching verdict

Dixon trial just one of city's problems, but an important one

Dixon signs bill on live entertainment

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Pennington apologizes for Johnston slaying, says hurt lingers

Mayor Franklin to teach at Spelman

The Christain Science Monitor

Obama’s approval rating sinking. Can he keep his clout?

The agony of job creation

What parts of the US support healthcare reform and why

Detroit Free Press

1,600 say good-bye to teen cops say was gunned down by dad

Many comfort family at slain Highland Park teen’s visitation

Message from rally: Stop gunfire

Chicago Tribune

Billions in stimulus cash for Illinois, but jobs harder to quantify

Todd Stroger vetoes roll back in Cook County sales tax

Washington Post

Blacks hit hard by economy's punch

The missing Obama

Los Angeles Times

U.S. youths recruited to fight in Somali militia, authorities say

Glenn Beck has big plans

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