today in black history

May 23, 2018

Actor and musician Benjamin Sherman "Scatman" Crothers was born on this date in 1910 in Terra Haute, Indiana.

Today in Black America - January 7

POSTED: January 07, 2010, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Schwarzenegger Seeks Shift From Prisons to Schools

Southern Schools Mark Two Majorities

Law School Admissions Lag Among Minorities

Tributes to a Father of Modern Harlem

Democrats Wary After Two Senators Decide to Retire

Paterson Says Legislators Put State in Danger

Is Punditry a Prelude to a Race in New York?

Some Honesty in Albany

Baltimore Sun

Dixon agrees to resign effective Feb. 4

Dixon plea is the best outcome for the city

Dixon wasn't going down without a fight

Ambitious Rawlings-Blake faces big challenge

Court dismisses city's discriminatory lending lawsuit against Wells Fargo

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlanta audit finds spending without proper oversight

Atlanta works on its sales pitch

Detroit Free Press

Prof: Kwame Kilpatrick should pay much more

Lawyer: I didn't see text messages

Riddle juror plan set

Homicides up -- but so is hope

The Christian Science Monitor

Schwarzenegger presses for more aid from Washington

Exits of two senior senators mostly bad news for Democrats

Hillary Clinton: Yemen needs more than air strikes and diplomacy

The Washington Post

Wizards' Arenas suspended indefinitely as new details emerge in gun incident

Dodd, Dorgan and Ritter to retire as Democrats face difficult midterm election year

How interest groups behind health-care legislation are financed is often unclear

Von Brunn, white supremacist Holocaust museum shooter, dies

Friday's employment report could be breakthrough for U.S. job market

D.C. mass arrest settlement offers needed reminder of rights

Los Angeles Times

UCLA study says legalizing undocumented immigrants would help the economy

L.A. leads New York, Chicago in abuse of low-wage workers, survey says

Governor's call for giving colleges priority over prisons faces hard political tests

Chicago Tribune

Michael Steele's 'honest injun' comment sparks backlash

CTA, Metra funds: Lawsuit claims racial bias in funding

Fenger shooting suspect was released 2 weeks before Fenger student slain


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