today in black history

May 26, 2017

Althea Gibson became the first Black to win a major tennis championship on this date in 1956, winning the French Open.

Today in Black America - February 23

POSTED: February 23, 2010, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

In Passage of Jobs Measure, a Glimpse of Bipartisanship

Recession Tightens Grip on State Tax Revenues

Obama’s Health Bill Plan Largely Follows Senate Version

Discrimination Case Raises Old Issues

House Panel Says Toyota Misled Public on Safety

Officers Acquitted in Mineo Trial

Where the Bar Ought to Be

The Christian Science Monitor

Obama's healthcare plan gets chilly GOP reception

Obama proposes new way of uniformly raising academic standards

Even with new credit card laws 2010, Americans are cutting back on credit

How America can create jobs

Blueprint for honing America's entrepreneurial edge

Baltimore Sun

In first State of the City address, mayor warns of 'tough choices' ahead

Proposed budget cuts rile Dixon prosecutor

Detroit Free Press

Kilpatrick's lawyer: 'He's making a good faith effort'

Kilpatrick makes another payment; still $44K short

Judge lets Riddle lawyers quit, sets July 12 retrial

500 jam city hearing on strip clubs

Literacy effort is gaining momentum

The Washington Post

Senate advances job-creation bill with GOP help

Congressional Black Caucus frustrated with jobs legislation

Congress says Toyota misled public about runaway cars, engine electronics

From the bluest of states, a red senator of a different color

Legislative black caucus opposes McDonnell's charter schools proposal

Los Angeles Times

Nine candidates see themselves as attorney general

Federal panel sounds alarm on national hypertension 'emergency'


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