today in black history

June 24, 2018

Harlem's world famous Apollo Theater opened in 1933, eventually becoming a Mecca for Black entertainers and amateurs hoping for fame.

Today in Black America - April 29

POSTED: April 29, 2010, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Republicans Allow Debate on Financial Overhaul

Obama Says Passing Immigration Bill May Be Difficult

Bid for Right to Sign Ballot Petitions in Secret Stirs Skeptics on the Supreme Court

Candidate Bows Out of Union Race

Gov. Crist Appears Set to Bolt Party in Senate Bid

For Individual Reasons, Quadruplets Pick Yale

State Senator Charges Racism Among G.O.P. Lawmakers

The Candidate From Xenophobia

The Christian Science Monitor

Republicans relent, clear financial reform bill for debate

Financial reform: four sticking points

Opponents weigh in on Supreme Court Mojave cross decision

Baltimore Sun

City schools focus on anti-bullying efforts

City Council president delays confirmation of parks director

Leader of E. Baltimore heroin ring gets 35 years in prison

Atlanta Journal Constitution

School board chairman: DeKalb will close 12 schools over 2 years

Reed to lay off some city workers

APD announces joint task force to tackle campus crime wave

Detroit Free Press

Bing staff backs off talk about downsizing Detroit

'Dateline' woman says NBC needn't recant

Meeting to curb youth crime set for today

Ex-DPS official had own rules, indictment says

What the indictment alleges

DPS board, Bobb agree: After-school program can go on

The Washington Post

Justice Department considers suing Arizona to block immigration law

Seeking the best way to boycott Arizona over immigration law

Goldman Sachs lends an assist to Wall Street reform

Obama plans to nominate 3 Fed governors

To woo voters, Democrats plan to cast selves as party of results

Study finds many unpaid tasks in a primary-care doctor's workday

Supreme Court overturns objection to cross on public land

Sinclair Skinner testifies again about D.C. contract work

Virginia driver denies license plate had coded racist message

Star Ledger

Drugmaker Merck names Kenneth Frazier as president, potential next chief executive

Gov. Chris Christie criticizes N.J. schools for not stopping student walkouts

N.J. students who left class to protest Gov. Chris Christie's budget cuts are given minor punishments

Accuracy of alcohol-detection devices used by N.J. cops is questioned by study

In Newark schoolyard shootings trial, resident describes hearing victim plea for mercy

Irvington waiting for hospital sale to help with budget gap

Los Angeles Times

Tensions rise over Haiti tent camps

Obama criticizes Arizona immigration law

Fiorina releases 2008 tax return

California takes new tack in bid for U.S. school funding

Chicago Tribune

State Senate approves Daley-backed gun bill

Civil disobedience new tactic in immigration reform fight

Police DUI ruling devastates victim’s family

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