today in black history

May 26, 2017

Althea Gibson became the first Black to win a major tennis championship on this date in 1956, winning the French Open.

Today in Black America - July 19

POSTED: July 19, 2010, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

After Job Training, Still Scrambling for a Job

Obama Gains Evangelical Allies on Immigration

TARP Audit Questions Rush to Close Auto Dealers

Call for Justice Sets Off a Debate

A Popular Principal, Wounded by Government’s Good Intentions

Doctor for Prison Inmates Resigns Amid Questions About His Certification

The Pundit Delusion

The Christian Science Monitor

What's behind yet another summer of racial discontent in America?

Obama slams GOP for obstructing economic progress

GOP's jobs ideas: Keep Bush tax cuts, freeze regulations

Do state governments have a gambling addiction?

Baltimore Sun

Stimulus money reduces welfare backlog in Maryland

City commission to investigate Muslim woman's claim

Women's housing group marks 30 years

Detroit Free Press

Felony question could be taken off city job applications

Kilpatrick legal team may grow

Teen charged with shooting 7 students at Detroit bus stop

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Georgia’s health plan in ICU

How crash hit big downtown Atlanta development

Star Ledger

N.J. Senate considers bills to help keep local costs down

N.J.'s inmate population declines, officials credit less crime, prisoner re-entry programs

Two men are indicted in 1978 slaying of five Newark teens

Gov. Christie orders commission to study state takeover of county prosecutors' offices

The Washington Post

Union accuses immigration agency of discrimination in leak probe

In S.C., controversial Senate candidate Greene makes first campaign appearance

U.S.-sponsored conference pledged billions to rebuild Haiti, but little paid out

Up-and-coming conservative candidates shy away from media analysis

D.C. officers win $900,000 in race suit

Investigation of U-Md. student's beating after Duke game turns to police brass

Chicago Tribune

Cocktail of drugs for HIV curbs new infections, study finds

Uniformed Chicago officer is shot, killed at South Side home after guarding Daley's house

Corrupt pols put public safety at risk

Ballot controversy raises profile of candidate Cedra Crenshaw with tea party

A new 'Willie Horton'

Philadelphia Inquirer

Unknown pollster stirs Philly's mayoral-election pot

Democrats seek out 2008 first-time voters

Plaudits and fears at Phila. school

Los Angeles Times

400 participants already enrolled in new healthcare job training program

California Democratic Party decides not to endorse marijuana legalization initiative

In Oakland, young heroes seek justice

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