today in black history

May 26, 2017

Althea Gibson became the first Black to win a major tennis championship on this date in 1956, winning the French Open.

Today in Black America - September 23

POSTED: September 23, 2010, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

G.O.P. Cites Tax Cuts and Health Care as Main Focus

In Effort to Reconnect, Obama Heads Into Backyard

For Many, Health Care Relief Begins Today

For Economic Team, a Chance to Retool

Fellow Republicans Keep Christie in Demand

Cuomo’s Image as Unstoppable Suffers a Blow

The Christian Science Monitor

As Rahm Emanuel reaches out to Chicago, city gears up for a fight

Jesse Jackson Jr.: Is he in serious trouble?

Education Secretary Arne Duncan: Chicago youth violence 'devastating'

Obama at UN summit: foreign aid is 'core pillar of American power'

Detroit Free Press

Detroiters' relocation fears grab hold of forum

Ex-mayor's sister, ex-pastor: We're not grand jury targets Grand jury testimony

Bobb to appear on 'Meet the Press'

Unfinished transcripts put district court reporter behind bars

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Bishop Eddie Long | Radio interview canceled in wake of 3rd lawsuit

Bishop Eddie Long, prominent on the national and world stage

Bishop Eddie Long | Charges could be difficult to prove

2005 AJC report: Bishop Eddie Long benefits from his own church's charityt

Baltimore Sun

Job losses force a change in tone

White supremacist pleads guilty to beating elderly fisherman

Baltimore area roads cost drivers an extra $603 per year, report says

Star Ledger

Oprah to host N.J. Gov. Christie, Newark Mayor Booker for $100M school gift by Facebook CEO

Indictments to be announced against people accused of smuggling phones, drugs into N.J. prison

Glenn Beck to headline rally at Six Flags Great Adventure

Lawsuit claims ex-N.J. Democratic campaign official was fired for hiring African-Americans

Rutgers, Newark name street after professor who was a pioneer for gay, Hispanic rights

The Washington Post

Republicans: From 'party of no' to 'party of stop'

GOP 'Pledge to America' targets federal workers

Assaults on census workers up dramatically in 2010

Giovana Huidobro, the woman at the center of the scandal: Nightclub hostess, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s "social acquaintance."

Other black mayors grapple with forces that led to Fenty's downfall

NAACP leaders reach out to gay rights groups

Duncan: Gray will continue school reform

Fenty write-in campaigns begin

Chicago Tribune

Emanuel chats up potential Chicago mayor foes, drops strong hints he'll run

Lisa Madigan leaves door open for Chicago mayor run

Los Angeles Times

Steve Lopez: Can Rizzo & Co. beat the rap? It's going to be hard

Former Bell police chief had a lucrative tax angle for retirement

Differing views on bailout emerge as manager of TARP fund resigns


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