today in black history

April 23, 2018

The "Journey of Reconciliation," the first "Freedom Ride" into the Jim Crow south took place in 1947, organized by CORE.

Today in Black America - November 19

POSTED: November 19, 2010, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

House Panel Recommends Censure for Rangel

Democrats Struggling to Make Any Headway

Republicans Rise to Power, With Enmity for Health Law

Perry Makes It Clear, He Is Not Your Bush Republican

Gates Urges School Budget Overhauls

12th-Grade Reading and Math Scores Rise Slightly After a Historic Low in 2005

Bloomberg Plans to Cut 10,000 City Jobs by 2012

The Ghailani Verdict

Baltimore Sun

Baltimore group alleges housing discrimination at Carroll County complex

DeVore out at state Juvenile Services agency

School district heads into more union negotiations

Citywide initiative connects worship centers, residents

The Christian Science Monitor

GOP's 'old white guy' rule means Mitt Romney in 2012, says James Carville

Democratic strategists tell Obama: 'reset and start over'

Poison vote looms for tea party freshmen: Raise the national debt limit?

Is Charles Rangel corrupt?

Between rich and poor, a marriage gap

Detroit Free Press

Vouchers honored today for Detroit gun buyback

GM stock closes at $34.19, just above $33 IPO price

Star Ledger

School officials say Christie's superintendent pay cap will cost N.J. talent

Ex-Assemblyman Joseph Vas accepts 5-year prison term deal in corruption trial

Drop in homicide rates contributes to decline in overall N.J. crime, report shows

Newark police unions, Booker administration continue battle over proposed layoffs

High-ranking Newark firefighter becomes 5th officer admit to tax evasion

Michelle Obama meets with group of Newark students to discuss how schools can battle obesity

The Washington Post

One family's plunge from the middle class into poverty

Obama's opportunity to be the decider

Roger Ailes, NPR executives and #NPRgoesNazi

Charlie Rangel censure recommended by House ethics committee

D.C. Mayor-elect Gray scrutinizing candidates for administration posts

Prince George's officials mum about scandal

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Federal judge to plead guilty in drug case

Maya Moore's uses Internet to click with her Atlanta church

Rep. Lewis, George H.W. Bush to receive Medal of Freedom

Chicago Tribune

Burris says absence of blacks in next Senate is unacceptable

Emanuel presents more evidence for eligibility

Daley bristles over Chico's education criticism

Philadelphia Inquirer

Pa. high court outlaws ban on public comment at City Council meetings

NAEP test scores show modest improvement in reading and math over 2005

Philadelphia Housing Agency will hire N.Y.C. official as temporary leader

Local jails' populations decline, report finds

Los Angeles Times

California's PPO health insurers get low marks for customer service

UC tuition to rise 8% for next year

California begins a new era in redistricting

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