today in black history

April 22, 2018

Brilliant jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus was born on this date in 1922.

Today in Black America - December 3

POSTED: December 03, 2010, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Obama Seeking Aid for Jobless in Any Deal on Tax Cuts

Some Democrats Count on ‘Millionaires’ Strategy on Tax Cuts

As Rangel Stands Silently, Censure Vote Rings Loudly

Congress Approves Child Nutrition Bill

Nonprofits Fear Losing Tax Benefit

Freezing Out Hope

Curtis Martin Used Football to Find Some Real Work

Unemployed, and Likely to Stay That Way

Baltimore Sun

Black leaders call for Jewish patrol group to be disbanded after alleged assault

Baltimore lead paint verdict overturned

City teacher assaulted by student outside high school classroom

Crime Scenes: War on guns a daily, dangerous struggle

The Christian Science Monitor

With censure, Charles Rangel joins infamous list in history of Congress

Charles Rangel censured on House floor - what does censure mean?

House votes to keep tax cut for 'middle class' only. Republicans fume.

Unemployment benefits: not until Bush tax cuts pass, Senate GOP says

House votes a $4.5 billion boost for child nutrition, school lunches

Detroit Free Press

With jobless benefits in limbo, 45,000 Michiganders face scary future

Kroll lawyers: Company not at fault for Sheryl Robinson Wood's alleged misdeeds

Greene trial date canceled

Aretha Franklin in good spirits after surgery

Star Ledger

Former UMDNJ offical's bribery, misconduct charges are dismissed after pleading guilty

Gov. Christie selects law firm to challenge $271M ARC tunnel tab

Former housing official to be cross-examined in corruption trial of ex-Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith

Saturday classes attract 1,200 Union students hoping to improve their grades

Unemployment extension should be restored

Authorities investigate prisoner suicide at Newark jail

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Douglas County parents voice disapproval of high school redistricting plan

Feds to see if former judge Camp's cases were compromised by drug use, racial bias

No ethics findings for Atlanta school board members

Mayor Reed carries Georgia's harbor-deepening water in Washington

Philadelphia Inquirer

Pa. Education Department wants answers from Ackerman about camera contract

Philadelphia City Council now open for comment

Candidates for Pennsylvania governor spent $56 million in 2010 race

Many New Jersey adult day-care centers must cut number of clients

Camden City Council approves massive layoffs

The Washington Post

House ethics probe to investigate whether Finance committee withheld records

Obama, GOP in quiet talks to extend tax cuts

Nigeria may charge Cheney in Halliburton bribery probe

High priority for USPS: Solutions to stop billions in losses

FBI agents interview Prince George's officers about beating at University of Maryland

Leggett orders Montgomery departments to make cuts in face of $300 million shortfall

Virginia higher-education panel to offer plan to boost number of degrees

Pr. George's police problems front and center for incoming county exec Baker

Chicago Tribune

Law agencies' turf battle stirs fear at youth center

Race for mayor: Emanuel, Chico won't reject city contractor donations, for now

DuPage panel rejects plan for Islamic Center

Danny Davis wins top spot on Chicago mayor ballot

Los Angeles Times

Boxer not only beat Fiorina, she outspent her

L.A. County district attorney looks into assemblyman's residency

Civil rights history — in Orange County

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