today in black history

April 24, 2018

The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) was incorporated on this date in 1927 with 27 member colleges.

Today in Black America - June 1

POSTED: June 01, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Pressing Obama, House Bars Rise for Debt Ceiling

In Shift, Justice Department is Hiring Lawyers With Civil Rights Backgrounds

Pentagon to Consider Cyberattacks Acts of War

Commerce Choice Draws Praise for Background

World Health Panel Links Cellphones to Cancer

Reconstruction Lifts Economy After Disasters

A Step Back for Learning Languages

Clock Ticks for a Key Homeless Program

The Detroit Free Press

New study: You can't live on minimum wage

Budget crunch shuts many swimming pools

Detroit police lieutenant files suit, claims agility test discriminates against women

Ralph Godbee: Evidence not left behind at crime lab

The Christian Science Monitor

Debt-ceiling bill set to lose in the House. Why bother to vote?

Supreme Court: US Muslim cannot sue Ashcroft for 2003 detention ordeal

Illinois' new solution to huge budget crisis: gambling

Is Jacob Zuma Qaddafi's only hope?

Satellite photos show Sudanese war crimes, watchdog claims

Larry Joe, who found his music behind bars, now inspires others

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Bernice King discusses New Birth

Students pressured out of school

Atlanta to enforce curfew

Atlanta school board's new path

The Star Ledger

Dozens of N.J. legislators receive more than one public paycheck

Gov. Christie to travel to Iowa to participate in education summit

N.J. Senate Judiciary Committee approves Anne Patterson for state Supreme Court

N.J. Assembly Speaker will not move forward on health, pension reform without more Democratic support

State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes unanimously approved by Senate Judiciary Committee

N.J. school board members now required to pass criminal background checks

The Washington Post

House rejects debt ceiling increase

Health care’s 2012 vanishing act?

War costs big factor in drawdown talk

New crack-cocaine law could impact hundreds of old cases in D.C. region

McKinley Tech principal cleared

Risking it all to fight discrimination

The Baltimore Sun

ACLU tells MTA they can't forbid taking pictures

Council pushes housing on paying lead poisoning judgments

State urges struggling homeowners to seek help from mortgage program

PNC regional headquarters to move to Inner Harbor

Chicago Tribune

Now it's Quinn's move on casino

Final defendant in Fenger beating admits kicking victim

No prison time for ex-cop who beat unarmed driver

Chicago's acting top cop sets high goals

The Los Angeles Times

Government to lower prices, ease rules on health plans for people with preexisting conditions

Bill would let counties opt out of U.S. immigration enforcement program

Once a campus outcast, ROTC is booming at universities

Charter school leader Vielka McFarlane brings personal history, passion to education

USA Today

Obama to meet with his Republican opponents

Studies: Missed meds could cost more than $250B a year

Pre-existing condition plan can cut premiums

The Plain Dealer

Cleveland schools CEO candidates interview here, decision pending

Suspended CMHA chief George Phillips-Olivier keeps lawyer

Ohio Senate's version of the budget would restore some money to schools, local governments

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