today in black history

May 24, 2018

Former Detroit Mayor and member of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, Coleman Alexander Young, was born in 1918.

Today in Black America - June 6

POSTED: June 06, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Brinkmanship in Sudan as a Deadline Nears

West Presses Rebels for Details on a Post- Qaddafi Government

Obama Retools 2008 Machine for Tough Run

A G.O.P. Hopeful Gathers Momentum as More Voters Like What They Hear

‘Culture Warrior’ Looks to Broaden the Battle

For the Jobless, Little U.S. Help on Foreclosure

Helping Teachers Help Themselves

They Want to Make Voting Harder?

Cuomo Health Adviser Absolved in Ethics Inquiry

The Detroit Free Press

Urban farming film coming to city it features: Detroit

Detroit Human Services Department has history of serving itself ahead of needy residents

Ralliers target Detroit's unemployment and decaying structures

Jury awards fired probation officer $463,820 in civil rights suit against Dearborn's 19th District Court, chief judge

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

New Birth starting satellite churches

Charters told to seek local approval

Farm owners, workers worry about immigration law's impact on crops

The Christian Science Monitor

Does Sarah Palin's bus tour mean she's serious about running?

Obama faces his own political 'headwind' on the economy

As Obama hails auto bailout, rise in unemployment rate dampens message

Obama touts auto industry recovery while GOP asks 'What jobs?'

The Baltimore Sun

Veteran city teachers decry transfers

Turnover on the rise as workers eye next career move

Mayoral contenders plan a busy summer of campaigning

Students, mentors question Baltimore police commissioner

The Star Ledger

Group seeks to recall Trenton Mayor Tony Mack

Braun: The curious case of the N.J. legislator jilted by NJEA

Virtually all-white Margate, diverse Atlantic City illustrate racial divide

Irvington girl's death calls into question how DYFS investigates abuse

Siblings of 8-year-old Irvington girl who died say they were beaten, tied to radiator, starved

N.J. inmate in middle of political fight over early release program

The Washington Post

Among GOP, anti-tax orthodoxy runs deep

Plessy and Ferguson, minus the ‘v.’

Swing states pose challenge to Obama

The GOP path to a Senate majority

Where the housing bust still hurts

The rise and fall of Jack B. Johnson

Sulaimon Brown to testify Monday

Chicago Tribune

Coach: Slain teen a 'truly good kid'

Violent crime down in Chicago, police figures show

Lawmakers continue to cut despite major income tax increase

The Los Angeles Times

Conspiracy theories abound in American politics

Bell leaders to consider city attorney post at special meeting

Temporary pay cut approved by Los Angeles teachers

USA Today

States rolling back tax credits

Construction's woes drag on

For-profit colleges may face aid cuts

The Plain Dealer

Near West Intergenerational charter school to open this year after push from parents

Former astronaut and Ohio Sen. John Glenn tells Cleveland audience that education is vital to progress

Parade in Cleveland launches effort for Black heritage month in June

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