today in black history

April 22, 2018

Brilliant jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus was born on this date in 1922.

Today in Black America - August 22

POSTED: August 22, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Two Qaddafi Sons Have Been Detained

Instead of Bloody Struggle, Headlong Rush Into a Cheering Capital

After Bruising Political Fights, 2 Governors Alter Their Tones

In the Race to Succeed Weiner, a Surprising Anger at Obama

Homeowners Need Help

Preaching a Healthy Diet in the Deep-Fried Delta

Eager for Spotlight, but Not if It Is on a Testing Scandal

Strauss-Kahn Case Is Said to Be Set for Dismissal

The Christian Science Monitor

Obama troops do damage control on faltering economy

Jon Huntsman vs. Rick Perry: Shoot-out at the GOP corral

Obama deportation policy could be 'nightmare' for law enforcement

The Washington Post

Firms pushing for job-creation tax breaks shield data on hiring abroad

Obama’s economic problem, in a single number

Obama needs a big economic plan

Classroom cutups face criminal courts

Obama working to rekindle Hispanic support

Bayard Rustin’s place in history

Pr. George’s police chief: Toddler’s shooting a ‘senseless act of violence’

Bittersweet Little League memories

The Star Ledger

Newark group to hold buy-back of toy guns

Camden moves closer toward forming countywide police force

Bloody weekend in Newark continues with 2 more shooting deaths

Rutgers University program guides disadvantaged students to medical careers

Newark public housing installs surveillance cameras as part of massive security initiative

Elizabeth school officials' kids don't pay full meal costs, records show

The Detroit Free Press

Schools of Choice bill coming as foes gear up for fight

Michigan lawmakers may continue welfare votes

Why not let working poor people live in Detroit's empty homes?

Redrawn district maps create uncertainty for Michigan Democrats

Monument to King is fraternity's dream come true

King memorial stands for more than the man

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Grady to open ER alternative

No Child fuels spate of student transfers

Report: ATL among worst in access to transit

The Baltimore Sun

Hearings will allow closer look into death penalty cases

O'Malley puts tax increases on the table for 2012 legislature

City homes for $10,000 and less

MPT will host TV debate in Baltimore's mayor's race Aug. 29

The Chicago Tribune

Early signs of tension between Quinn and Emanuel

City unveils new program to combat home foreclosures

Emanuel hires firm to find cost-savings in city contracts

Civic Federation endorses CPS budget but fears future problem

The Los Angeles Times

Villaraigosa's bold jabs at Gov. Brown and property tax

L.A. congresswoman attacks tea party

Chocolate milk? Not in the schools

MLK Memorial joins an evolving National Mall

USA Today

Teen could face death in Miss. hate-crime case

Excitement builds for those behind MLK memorial

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland landlord Graig Brown accused of cutting off tenant's utilities

Mayoral control of the Cleveland city schools has brought stability but other improvements hard to measure

Education advocate Emma Fraser Pendleton says top teachers avoid inner-city schools

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