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May 25, 2018

Civil rights icon and NAACP leader Lilly Carroll Jackson was born in 1889 in Baltimore.

Today in Black America - November 29

POSTED: November 29, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

As Public Sector Sheds Jobs, Blacks Are Hit Hardest

Barney Frank, a Top Liberal, Won’t Seek Re-election

Senate Democrats Propose Extending Payroll Tax Cut

Woman Claims Affair With Cain, and He Denies It

Gingrich Wields History, Seeking to Add Chapter

Amid Protests by Students and Others, CUNY Trustees Vote to Raise Tuition

Woman Gave Councilman Part of Her Pay, She Testifies

City Council Plans Suit Over Homeless Policy

The Christian Science Monitor

Herman Cain accuser: We called or texted 61 times in four months

Supreme Court declines to clarify gun rights question

After endorsement, does Newt Gingrich still have a New Hampshire problem?

Why so much is at stake as Congo goes to polls

The Star Ledger

Family of Ramapough Indian fatally shot during confrontation with park ranger is awarded $2.2M

Gov. Christie aims to offer non-violent drug offenders treatment and counseling, not send them to prison

Democrats press to restore aid to N.J.'s poorest cities

N.J. Assembly panel bill would grant $100M to repair damages caused by Hurricane Irene

New N.J. bill allows laid-off workers to continue to collect unemployment while receiving job training

The Detroit Free Press

Judges saying 'no bond' to white-collar suspects

Political activist sues Ann Arbor Transportation Authority for refusing advertisements

Kalamazoo Promise program has spent $30 million on higher education

The Washington Post

States face a crushing economic outlook

Judge rejects SEC deal with Citigroup

Maxine Waters next in line on financial panel

Fact-checking Norquist on taxes

Fusing career and college preparation

The Los Angeles Times

Student protests disrupt meeting of UC regents

As the rich-poor gap widens, so does debate about what it means

Higher loan limits transform FHA into key source of financing

USC School of Public Policy gets $50-million gift

Keys to college students' success often overlooked, report says

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Woman alleges long affair with Cain

Gingrich wades back into immigration

Tuskegee Airmen exhibit gets new home at GA museum

Tracy Reed traffic case leads to suspension

APS cheating scandal | Beverly Hall gives interview to NBC

The Chicago Tribune

Record 10 schools targeted for turnaround

Candidate filing for 2012 primary begins

7 state facilities getting short-term reprieves

USA Today

Megapolitan areas compete globally

Hard times inspire people to help less fortunate

School helps Missouri recovering addicts train for jobs

Senate Democrats push Obama payroll tax cut

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says state won't pursue old overpayments to welfare recipients

Watch video showing Cleveland police officers kicking Edward Henderson during arrest

Gov. John Kasich and Ohio lawmakers talk about removing employment obstacles for non-violent felons

Cleveland title insurance case heard by U.S. Supreme Court

Former Gov. Ted Strickland helps launch DNC attack on Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney (updated)

3 childhood friends start urban farm in Cleveland's Kinsman neighborhood (videos)

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