today in black history

May 26, 2017

Althea Gibson became the first Black to win a major tennis championship on this date in 1956, winning the French Open.

Today in Black America - December 1

POSTED: December 01, 2011, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Student’s Death Turns Spotlight on Hazing

Amid Questions, Cain Stays Defiant

News Host Is Scrutinized for Her Ties to Candidate

Camps Are Cleared, but ‘99 Percent’ Still Occupies the Lexicon

G.O.P. and Democrats Differ on How to Prevent Social Security Payroll Tax Increase

In California, Asking Voters to Raise Taxes

Districts Pay Less in Poor Schools, Report Says

Told to Diversify, Dock Union Offers a Nearly All-White Retort

A Lawmaker Back in Trouble, in a District That Knows Despair

Seeing Chance to End Spread of H.I.V., City’s Health Chief Pushes Earlier Drug Treatment

Councilman Declines to Testify at His Corruption Trial

The Christian Science Monitor

Census finds 1 in 8 Americans are seniors – an all-time high

Is Mitt Romney nomination really inevitable anymore?

NLRB vote: Republicans furious over 'microwave' organizing for unions

Leadership: For this non-profit organization, leaving was leading

Somali Islamists ban aid groups, renewing famine concerns

The Star Ledger

Poll: Majority of N.J. baby boomers fear losing jobs, worry about future of Social Security

Poll: Majority of N.J. voters support marijuana use for medical purposes

Special interest groups' spending on N.J. candidates decreases 20 percent

Newark used as backdrop for short film on dementia

D'Alessandro: Milt Campbell still a champion 55 years after he made history at the Olympics

The Detroit Free Press

Michigan may join states that allow carrying of stun guns

Michigan patients caught in the middle of Beaumont-Blue Cross dispute

City refuses to turn over records from closed-door meeting

Kilpatrick asks judge to keep affair, indictments out of text message suit

Michigan Supreme Court next for case vs. Detroit schools manager Roy Roberts

The Washington Post

Herman Cain has simple strategy for handling criticism: Blanket denial

The challenger Romney didn’t foresee

Congressional incumbents attract ‘super PACs’

Federal employees hit back at Perry

Boehner suggests supercommittee ‘trigger’ could be re-worked

Entrepreneurs behind AOL create $450M fund for Washington start-ups

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Federal funds for heating assistance already burned

103-year-old won't be evicted

Atlanta housing chief going nowhere fast

Groups push for more accessible housing

The Los Angeles Times

Brown to propose tax increase on top earners, higher sales tax

Eviction pushes Occupy protesters in new directions

Inquiry targets 2 contractors on L.A. community colleges project

Student protests disrupt meeting of UC regents

The Chicago Tribune

City homeless services restored

Illinois lawmakers approve budget changes to avoid facility closures

Proposed Chicago ward remap could add 3 Latino seats on council

CPS plans to shut 2 grade schools, phase out 2 high schools

Police plan regular meetings with school principals

Dawn Turner Trice: Trice: After World AIDS Day, a fashion show will focus on HIV prevention

World AIDS Day marked by search for an ideal

USA Today

News media gives up on Cain campaign

Michigan may allow carrying of stun guns

Schools add Internet etiquette, safety to coursework

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer

Income inequality on the rise in Northeast Ohio

JobsOhio boss says new private agency is on the job

Cleveland City Council plunges into Fire Department pay scandal, rips management

Cuyahoga Democrats likely to back Marcia Fudge over Nina Turner, Chairman Stuart Garson says

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