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May 27, 2017

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, founded by the Quakers, established in 1837, is the oldest Black historically Black college.

Today in Black America - January 25

POSTED: January 25, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Putting Middle-Class Interests at the Top of His Agenda

Obama Sets Sights on Romney in Speech

G.O.P. Response

The State of the Union in 2012

A Tax Proposal Is Brought Out Again

Obama Outlines Proposal to Help Homeowners

For Romneys, Friendly Code Reduces Taxes

In Florida, Romney Plays Down Immigration

Democrats Flee an Indiana Vote on Union Bill

Police Gang Tyrannized Latinos, Indictment Says

Charges Against 15 Muslims Dismissed in Amusement Park Dispute

Bloomberg Assails Showing of Anti-Muslim Film to Police

The Christian Science Monitor

State of the Union driven by economy, election

Mitt Romney tax return poses a challenge: how to talk about his wealth

Romney tax return shows he paid $3 million. His tax plan wouldn't bump that.

Will GOP step in to prevent a Newt Gingrich nomination?

Young Internet entrepreneurs embrace philanthropy

The Star Ledger

As N.J. Dems push gay marriage bill, Gov. Christie calls for public vote

Adubato Sr. will not manage Newark School Advisory Board candidates

N.J.'s failure to make full pension payments hinders fund

Finance report shows DiVincenzo used campaign cash to reimburse personal credit, debit cards

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack unveils new public safety strategy targeting quality of life crimes

The Detroit Free Press

Rochelle Riley: Obama takes the high road and reminds the nation what really matters

Cash-strapped Detroit to lose $8.5M under state law requiring cut in income tax rate

Detroit residents hope that council districts will bring changes

Former state Rep. Mary Waters says she's running for Congress

Wayne County Democrats oppose emergency manager for Detroit, poll shows

U.S. approves redistricting plans for Michigan

The Washington Post

Obama says nation must address inequality

Confrontation wrapped in Kumbaya

Dueling events Tuesday show why, in politics, it’s good to be incumbent

Grand rhetoric, smaller ideas

Super PAC builds shadow campaign

Norton unhappy with D.C. officials’ testimony

D.C. fire chief wants new work shifts

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Dems file bill to abolish death penalty

Rally planned to promote school choice

Man with HIV sues to become cop

Atlanta unveils legislative agenda

The Chicago Tribune

Focus group suggests State of the Union speech was well-received

Inspector general, Emanuel lawyer clash on documents

Is longer school day too much for some children?

Illinois schools will have to provide more performance details

'Lunch ladies' criticize how CPS updated school food

The Los Angeles Times

Marine gets no jail time in killing of 24 Iraqi civilians

L.A. supervisors approve applying for $100 million for new jails

Democratic lawmakers sue controller over his withholding of their pay

Cap on new Cal State campus presidents' pay urged

USA Today

Obama outlines future of economy

STORY: Fact checking the 2012 address

Liberal arts education lends an edge in down economy

Many wary of Mormon beliefs, ways

Miss. judge delays decision on revoking some pardons

Ohio wrestler gets prison for failure to share HIV status

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cuyahoga County Council approves $100 million economic development fund

Ohio members of Congress bring veterans, VIPs to State of the Union speech

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