today in black history

May 24, 2017

Former Detroit Mayor and member of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, Coleman Alexander Young, was born in 1918.

Today in Black America - March 6

POSTED: March 06, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Romney and Santorum Roll Up Their Sleeves for Blue-Collar Votes

Super Tuesday, State by State

U.S. Law May Allow Killings, Holder Says

Obama Presses Netanyahu to Resist Strikes on Iran

Black Students Face More Discipline, Data Suggests

Cato Institute Caught in Rift Over Direction

‘Officers, Why Do You Have Your Guns Out?’

Wide Sentencing Disparity Found Among U.S. Judges

Policing Cuts Pass in Nassau County

The Christian Science Monitor

Super Tuesday: Mitt Romney woos blue-collar voters in Ohio

Scott Brown pulls ahead of Elizabeth Warren in Mass. Senate race

Has Rush Limbaugh permanently damaged his career?

Joe Scarborough implies General Dempsey unfit to lead joint chiefs

Solar power: the fix for Africa's frustration with the grid?

The Star Ledger

Christie administration announces plan to share $675M in charity care payments among N.J. hospitals

Gov. Christie launching task force to determine where school aid may be susceptible to fraud

Senate Education Committee discusses tenure reform bill's nuts and bolts

Home improvement issues top list of N.J. consumer complaints

Senate committee approves bill to expand scope of open records laws

Union member in Orange allegedly tried to cover up death threat recording

The Detroit Free Press

Emergency manager alone can't save Detroit: City's financial outlook called 'hopeless'

Detroit faces loss of cash from federal block grants

Ruling could have Kwame Kilpatrick keeping profits from his book after all

Closing arguments made in Judge Sylvia James' misconduct hearing

The Washington Post

The Fix’s guide to Super Tuesday

GOP candidates fan out across the country

Redistricting may help Republicans

Where will Ron Paul’s supporters go?

Limbaugh apologizes again, but advertisers continue to sever ties

Rush Limbaugh instills fear in GOP candidates

Raids target PR consultant to Gray

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

New attendance plan calls for closing 13 APS schools

Poll: Gingrich leads in Ga. but voters doubt him

Atlanta officials announce intention to sign airport contracts

Atlanta streetcar moves forward despite MARTA funding woes

Druid Hills Baptist pastor gains higher post

The Chicago Tribune

2 area firms caught up in Limbaugh flap

Allstate tells ad buyer to steer clear of Limbaugh

U of I board to president: Repair your relationship with faculty

New prostate cancer foundation pushes awareness, research

Emanuel to spend cash from city scofflaws on cops, kids

The Los Angeles Times

70 arrested as thousands protest state education cuts

City disbands Fire Dept. to rescue budget

Teachers union leads in record year of lobbying lawmakers

Proposed legislation bodes ill for California's food trucks

Black students in L.A. suspended at proportionally higher rate, data show

USA Today

Not everyone accepts Rush Limbaugh's apology

$8B in government fines, but drug fraud continues

Ariz. sheriff's ex-boyfriend might sue him

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum make one last run at Ohio voters before Super Tuesday

More than 30 percent of adults have at least a bachelor's degree: Higher Education

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