today in black history

May 24, 2017

Former Detroit Mayor and member of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, Coleman Alexander Young, was born in 1918.

Today in Black America - March 27

POSTED: March 27, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

For Justices, a Matter of Framing the Core Issue

Most Oppose at Least Part of Overhaul, Poll Finds

Santorum Fails to Capture Catholic Vote

Rangel and His Campaign to Pay $23,000 Fine

Across Africa, Steady Steps Toward Democracy

Colorado Revisits Law That Gives Prosecutors Wide Power to Try Youths as Adults

Seeking a Softer Justice System, Closer to Home, for New York’s Juvenile Offenders

Elementary Students in Large Classes Tripled, Report Shows

The Christian Science Monitor

Health-care challenge at US Supreme Court: Justices seek way past Day 1 hurdle

Trayvon Martin case: Is hoodie a symbol of menace or desire for justice? (+video)

Trayvon Martin was suspended from school at time of death, report says

Trayvon Martin case: What cities can learn

The Star Ledger

Residents hold vigil in East Orange in support of Florida shooting victim Trayvon Martin

N.J. Supreme Court hears arguments on whether to increase judges' health insurance, pension contributions

Gov. Christie uses radio show to blast Dems who rejected Supreme Court nominee

Christie's college merger plan must go through Legislature, non-partisan office says

N.J. voters have heard enough name calling from their policitians, poll finds

N.J. police chief to face misconduct, insurance fraud charges as trial begins

The Detroit Free Press

With video: Crowd of 1,000-1,500 people rally for Trayvon Martin in Detroit

12-year-old Detroit boy recovers from shooting, talks of his fears

With video: Detroit declared in financial emergency, but deal with state may be close

Rochelle Riley: Preachers' patience has worn thin

Legal bills add to cities' troubles across metro Detroit

The Washington Post

Health-care law ruling likely as court seems to dismiss procedural obstacle

Why the mandate is constitutional

Attorney for Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin incident is ‘not a racial issue’

Capehart: Sanford Police throw pot at Martin

‘I am Trayvon Martin’ photo campaign: ‘We’re feeling an ambush of emotions.’

Obama, allies at odds over ‘jobs bill" set to pass Congress on Tuesday

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Emotional rally for Trayvon Martin

Ex-jailer gets 10-year sentence

Atlanta college student killed

The Miami Herald

Trayvon Martin’s death galvanizes the nation for social justice

Krop classmates arrive at school wearing black to protest Trayvon case

3 suspensions, complex portrait of Trayvon

A new investment fund hopes to create jobs, economic growth in Haiti

The Chicago Tribune

Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on Trayvon Martin

New CPS teacher evaluation system debated

Emanuel says community must join fight against gangs

South Side church leads charge against AIDS

Accused lawmaker Smith should quit, Quinn says

New Chicago State audit shows some progress

The Los Angeles Times

Protests grow as new details emerge in killing

LAPD officer profiled Latinos in traffic stops, probe concludes

GOP assemblyman gets fine, probation after plea on gun charges

USA Today

Workforce still needs more college grads

Shooter in teen's death in hiding

Jesse Jackson at Fla. church: Trayvon Martin is a 'martyr'

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland Teachers Union and Mayor Frank Jackson move closer to agreement on mayor's schools plan, but hurdles remain

Plain Dealer Editor Debra Adams Simmons awarded the 2012 Robert McGruder Award for Diversity

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