today in black history

May 23, 2018

Actor and musician Benjamin Sherman "Scatman" Crothers was born on this date in 1910 in Terra Haute, Indiana.

Today in Black America - May 14

POSTED: May 14, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

After Obama’s Decision on Marriage, a Call to Pastors

Unions That Divide: Churches Split Over Gay Marriage

Actions in Congress Resonate in the Race for the White House

Is There a Romney Doctrine?

Officers Testify Before Grand Jury in Shooting of Bronx Teenager

The Christan Science Monitor

JPMorgan CEO 'dead wrong' about $2 billion loss

More federal regulation? JPMorgan case bolsters critics of banking system.

California facing higher $16 billion shortfall

Boycott Mayberry? How North Carolina lost its shine for Obama.

Solar-powered phones recharge Kenya's conversations

The Star Ledger

Rutgers University graduates largest class in history

How Newark City Hall and its first major pro sports team fell out of love over and over

For the Gipper: Ronald Reagan may soon have a highway in N.J.

New Jersey guts lead-abatement programs

State communications union won't see raises for a year in new pact with Gov. Chrisie administration

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Pastor: Gay marriage not only issue

Millions in federal grant money flowing into Georgia schools

Mayor Reed travels to Paris

The Detroit Free Press

Metroparks police department accused of unfair hiring, promotion

Son speaks at Detroit church where dad, an 84-year-old guard, was killed

Woman seeks to recall 3 Oak Park on City Council

President Barack Obama praises Detroit officers' bravery in precinct rampage

Rochelle Riley: All Detroiters are the 'somebody' we yearn to have as a leader

The Washington Post

African soldiers train for Somali fight

Ryan’s budget plan becomes flashpoint in battle for House of Representatives

Inmate still in prison after facts were kept from Bush White House

D.C. churches grapple with Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage

Md. General Assembly reconvenes to raise taxes

The Chicago Tribune

Despite budget cuts, DCFS preps to do more

Mother, daughter share their mom skills with young patients

CTU shares some—not all—the results of its poll

North Shore college targets CPS students

The Los Angeles Times

Bullet train may cost $3.5 million per day

FBI probes disappearance of nonprofits' money

June primary is key test for state's top-two election system

Students at charter-run Locke do better than nearby peers

USC to award degrees to Japanese interned during WWII

USA Today

Recession added debt, drained families' savings

Black churches conflicted on gay marriage

Landmark Alzheimer's summit launches Monday

Georgia cop allegedly kicked pregnant woman in stomach

Ex-director says it's too soon to reinstate FAMU band

The Miami Herald

Future of FAMU’s marching band may be decided Monday

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