today in black history

May 22, 2022

The U.S. Department of War established the Bureau of the Colored Troops in 1863, an effort to help the Union Army in the Civil War.

Today in Black America - Jan. 29

POSTED: January 29, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

House Passes Stimulus Plan Despite G.O.P. Opposition

A City Adds a String of Arsons to Its List of Troubles

Youths Charged With More Attacks on Latinos

Backers of Mayoral School Control Face Resistance

Washington Post

‘Buy American’ Rider Sparks Trade Debate

U.S. Aid Goes to Credit Unions

Toll on 401 (k) Savings Adds Years More of Toil

Baltimore Sun

City says Wells Fargo mortgages were predatory

Officials warned to limit early-voting options

The Christian Science Monitor

Axed by a big business? Start your own.

First of 8,000 anti-tobacco suits to go to trial in Florida

Unions see better days ahead under Obama’s leadership

Los Angeles Times

Stimulus would bring welcome relief to California

L.A. council OKs $20.5 million settlement in Ramparts suits

Obama makes a public appeal for his stimulus package

Detroit Free Press

Kilpatrick is bound for Texas after jail

Families look harder to cover college costs

Ford Credit to cut 1,200 jobs

Chicago Tribune

The defense doesn’t rest

Allstate Financial to slash 1,000 jobs

New political era? Same as the old one

Seattle Times

10,000 jobs to go, but Boeing is upbeat about future

Starbucks cutting 6,700 jobs, closing 300 cafes

State gets 360 suggestions for its share of stimulus

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