today in black history

October 23, 2020

Led by Dr. W.E. B. Dubois, the NAACP issued a petition against racism in America to the United Nations in 1947.

Today in Black America - April 28

POSTED: April 28, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Obama Is Nudging Views on Race, a Survey Finds

On Voting Rights, Test of History v. Progress

Democrats Announce Agreement on Budget Pact

Obama Picks Leader for Global AIDS Effort

How ’07 ABC Interview Tilted a Torture Debate

Workers Walk the Plank

The Washington Post

Worth Worrying About

WHO Raises Global Threat Level As Reports of Swine Flu Increase

Fox Won't Broadcast Obama's Prime-Time News Conference

More Than 100 Arrested in Series of Protests

On Higher Ground, but Not Safer

The Christian Science Monitor

Who attended ‘torture’ briefings? A GOP lawmaker wants to know.

Science takes aim at the swine flu

Review: 'American Violet'

Baltimore Sun

Disparities between charter, public schools seen

Inner Harbor to get more patrols after stabbings

Down and out in Towson

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Georgia killer to be executed tonight

Los Angeles Times

Scolding and a stiff sentence for Carona

L.A. artist's 'Truth' to be unveiled

Detroit Free Press

UAW may be putting VEBA on shaky ground

Salaried at GM should expect more cuts

UAW leaders recommend approval of Chrysler deal

Detroit Schools have lessons to learn from state oversight

The notorious are not celebrities


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