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August 18, 2022

Emmy Award winning, pioneering actress Gail Fisher, "Peggy" on the detective series "Mannix," was born in 1935 in Plainfield, New Jersey.

Today in Black America - July 15

POSTED: July 15, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Racial Gap in Testing Sees Shift by Region

Obama Attacks on Economy and Seeks Billions for Community Colleges

Nominee Says Identity Wouldn’t Distort Decisions

Part-Time Workers Mask Unemployment Woes

Office to Aid Consumers Draws Fire and Support

White Man’s Last Stand

Waiting Game

The Christiian Science Monitor

Sotomayor won’t budge on ‘reverse discrimination’ ruling

Is US poised to bail out another financial institution?

Blacks' test scores lag, but New Jersey is a bright spot

Interest groups complicate California’s budget woes

Ricci and the future of race in America

Baltimore Sun

More homes within reach of first-time buyers

Md. prison official to testify on bill to legalize cell phone jamming

The Washington Post

Warming the Room With a Confident Touch

Health-Care Plan Would Add Surtax On Wealthy

RNC Chairman Touts 'Historic Link' to NAACP

Goldman Sachs Earnings Easily Surpass Expectations

Hiring Girlfriend Was Legal, Barry Says

Detroit Free Press

A rapist in its midst leaves Detroit neighborhood in fear

Bing after 10% pay cut from workers

Obama's sobering message to Detroit

Lawyer: Riddle at peace, expects indictment soon

Los Angeles Times

California's legislative leaders say budget agreement is near

U.S. toxic asset plan draws criticism

Coroner's investigator visits Jackson's dermatologist's office to get more records

Immigration debacle

Boston Globe

Healthy habits may cut price of insurance

Pressure grows for Obama to leap into healthcare fray


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