today in black history

January 20, 2018

On this day in 2009 Barack Obama took the oath of office as the nation's first Black President,

Today in Black America - June 11

POSTED: June 11, 2018, 8:00 am

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Today in Black History: Rep. Charles B. Rangel, Democrat from New York, and the first Black chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means was born in 1930 in Harlem.

The New York Times


Clash With Canada Isolates Trump Ahead of Kim Meeting

Trump’s ‘Bully’ Attack on Trudeau Outrages Canadians

Trump Upends Trade Order Built by U.S.

Blow: A Present-Day Bull Connor

Opinion: How Northern Newspapers Covered Lynchings

The Everyday Toll of Gun Violence in America

Tensions Flare With Press After Seizure by Justice Dept.

ICE Came for a Tennessee Town’s Immigrants. The Town Fought Back.

How Trump Uses Conspiracy Theories Like ‘Spygate’

How Suicide Quietly Became a Public Health Crisis


Hurricane Maria Casts Shadow Over Puerto Rican Parade

In Newark, Police Cameras, and the Internet, Watch You

Judge Stops Deportation of a New York Pizza Delivery Man

Decades Ago, New York Dug a Moat Around Its Specialized Schools

Philly school district propoises to renew 16 charters, move to close one

In Pa. and N.J., Census data shows some towns booming and others in decline. Which is yours?

Police fatally shoot shoplifting suspect as she drives SUV at them

Opinion: Philadelphians share their stop-and-frisk stories

The Detroit Free Press

Detroit schools had 16,000 suspensions last year, aims to reduce them

From kissing to gun possession: How to get in trouble in Detroit schools

UAW members meet to vote on dues, elect new leaders

Detective fights racism in suburb where shots were fired at black kid

The Chicago Tribune

In Illinois, a teacher can legally have sex with a pupil older than 17 if no force is involved

Man killed, 12-year-old boy injured in city shootings

Apparent gang-related shooting leaves 7 injured in Aurora

Is manufacturing the answer to the joblessness that plagues parts of Chicago?

The Star-Ledger

Port Authority reforms must be enshrined in law | Editorial

Gateway Tunnel moves ahead in Senate despite Trump opposition

This N.J. Democrat just opened up a new front against Trump

N.J. Supreme Court denies challenge to controversial Exxon settlement

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Characters we can connect with:" Teens gather diverse books for libraries

Inconsistent statements leave $14 million question over Cleveland school construction

Soaring overtime for prison nurses costs taxpayers millions

Prison system overtime pay dwarfs other Ohio departments

Clevelanders to face $100 fines for trash, recycling citations

The Washington Post

Editorial: The Justice Department’s reputation is in the worst danger since Watergate

Analysis: A new controversy erupts over whether voter identification laws suppress minority turnout

So long to net neutrality, hello to bigger telecoms? The Web you know may never be the same.

Should Democrats find a Trump of their own? Political outsiders find little room in 2020 field.

Top Senate Democratic super PAC to make $80 million fall TV investment in nine battleground states

‘Mothers could not stop crying’: Lawmaker blasts Trump policy after visiting detained immigrants

A Southern Baptist icon’s views on women cemented his power — and led to his downfall

Trump’s attacks on Trudeau, tensions at G-7 deepen rift with U.S. allies

With smiles and a handshake, Trump and Kim could mask gulf on nuclear arms

S. Korea’s Moon: Reaching accord with the North could take years

Analysis: Six takeaways from the latest polls in the Maryland governor’s race

Education issues at forefront as Md. Democrats run for governor

Valerie Ervin: A career in politics based on fighting unfair treatment

MS-13 threatens a middle school, teachers warn

The Los Angeles Times

Obamacare used to be political poison for Democrats. Now they see it as a winning prescription — even in red states

Skelton: Give California’s top-two primary some more time, and if it doesn’t get better, junk it

How Garcetti picked his police chief: interviews, homework and plenty of advice

L.A. school board president wants every district graduate to be eligible for a four-year public university by 2023

USA Today

Baltimore is mired in violent crime. Could part of the solution be found in reclaimed wood?

The economy is humming. So why do experts foresee a recession in 2020?

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