today in black history

April 22, 2019

Brilliant jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus was born on this date in 1922.

Today in Black America - June 28

POSTED: June 28, 2018, 11:30 am

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Today in Black History: By an Act of Congress in 1866, the Army created two cavalry and four infantry regiments for "colored" men, including the Buffalo Soldiers.

The New York Times


Justice Kennedy Announces Retirement

NEWS ANALYSIS: ‘The Cases Swing. I Don’t.’ Court Loses Its Middle Voice.

The Major Cases Where Justice Kennedy Left His Mark

EDITORIAL: With Kennedy Gone, Justice Must Be Won at the Ballot Box

NEWS ANALYSIS: Chance for Trump to Shape Life in U.S. for Generations

McConnell Promises to Move Swiftly on Replacement

The Full List of Front-Runners and Nominees

Court Deals a Blow to Labor Unions

Editorial: After Janus, Unions Must Save Themselves

Blow: Trump Remakes America

Retirement Injects Inflammatory New Issue Into Midterms

With One Win, Ocasio-Cortez Emerges as a Political Star

Why Crowley Never Saw Defeat Coming


Bronx Mourns Teenager Killed in Vicious Attack

Subway Delays Hurt Low-Income People Most, Report Says

Court Ruling Means Times Reporter Must Testify in ‘Baby Hope’ Trial

Pa. federal judge Thomas Hardiman likely to be considered for U.S. Supreme Court

Hours after SCOTUS ruling, outreach begins to help Pa. government workers drop out of their unions

In poverty-stricken Philly, it's hard for kids to play sports. This task force has a solution.

Can a new basketball court help transform a struggling Philly neighborhood?

The Detroit Free Press

History of power outages riles metro Detroiters, DTE promises fixes

New Michigan law limits amount of opioids doctors can prescribe

Former employee accuses George Cushingberry Jr. of making sexual advances

The Star-Ledger

Tax on shore rentals? I don't like it, Phil Murphy says of Dem leaders' key budget offer.

U.S. Supreme Court bolsters defiant N.J. teacher's case | Editorial

N.J. cops arrested 177 drug users, and then helped 148 of them get clean

The Chicago Tribune

Verdict that awarded, then wiped away $1 million favors Chicago cop in fatal shooting as trial ends in confusion

U.S. Supreme Court gives Rauner major victory over labor, in ruling that could undercut public worker unions nationwide

Emanuel hits Rauner over Supreme Court decision, gets hit by Chicago Teachers Union

REX HUPPKE: Muslims are not welcome in America, and that is exactly who we are

EDITORIALS: Unions and Democrats: The Janus decision rocks Illinois politics

Opinion: Race, gun violence, and equitable access to trauma care

The Los Angeles Times

L.A. councilman to look at alternative site for Koreatown shelter

It's not just criminals — ICE is nabbing lawful permanent residents too

Opinion: Democrats better embrace progressive millennials or get used to losing

L.A. school district says more are graduating, but rate may not show it

The Washington Post

Supreme Court vacancy is a political gift for McConnell, GOP

GOP hopes to fill Supreme Court seat before midterms, angering Democrats

Who’s on Trump’s list to replace Justice Kennedy?

The Daily 202 Analysis: Five times Kennedy cast the pivotal fifth vote on the court

Anthony Kennedy and the four Supreme Court rulings that changed gay life in America

‘There is something deeper going on’: Democratic voters embrace diverse candidates at historic rates

‘It’s not just one district’: Ocasio-Cortez pushes back on Pelosi’s caution not to read too much into her victory

A black man was murdered for dating a white woman. His killer was sentenced — 35 years later.

‘Quit your jobs’: Protesters confront ICE workers at Washington headquarters

Man accused of driving into crowd at Charlottesville rally charged with federal hate crimes

Baker’s campaign hurt by weak funding, enemies he made as county executive

Jealous, Hogan will offer starkly different visions in Maryland

‘Political earthquake’: Progressives oust Democratic incumbents in statehouse primaries

Should 16-year-olds be able to vote? A majority of the D.C. Council thinks so

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Supreme Court Janus ruling may not lead to fewer union members, both sides say

United Way of Greater Cleveland unveils dramatic new attack on root causes of poverty: A Greater Cleveland

Ohio Senate Democrats push for payday lending vote; Republicans scramble to shut it down

Ohio man charged with federal hate crimes, killing woman with car at Charlottesville white supremacy rally

USA Today

The 25 people most likely to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court

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