today in black history

February 28, 2020

In 1943 a rebellion occurs in Detroit when Blacks who have rented new housing units are met with violence by whites.

Today in Black America - July 6

POSTED: July 06, 2018, 12:00 pm

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Today in Black History: Activist lawyer Randall Robinson, founder of Africa lobby group TransAfrica, was born in 1941 in Richmond, Virginia.

The New York Times


Supreme Court Front- Runner Once Argued for Impeachment

Trump Assails Bush, Warren and #MeToo. Putin? ‘He’s Fine’

E.P.A. Chief Resigns Under Cloud of Ethics Scandals

76 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump

Editorial: We’ll All Be Paying for Scott Pruitt for Ages

Meet the Man Now in Charge at the E.P.A.

China Strikes Back at Tariffs, but Its Shoppers Worry

Migrant Shelters Are Becoming Makeshift Schools for Thousands of Children

Trump Administration in Chaotic Scramble to Reunify Migrant Families


Culture of Fear and Ambition Distorted Cuomo’s Economic Projects

Before Ocasio-Cortez, the Elizabeth Holtzman Effect

Brooklyn Judge Vows Not to Send People Back to Prison for Smoking Marijuana

A City Founded by Alexander Hamilton Sets the Stage for Its Next Act

'Occupy ICE' protesters set up new camp at Philadelphia City Hall as anager at Kenney grows

Did Philly police bike-doze Mayor Kenny's relationship with progressives?

What happens to churches in Philacelphia when the neighborhoods around them gentrify?

The Detroit Free Press

Detroit's Woodward Ave. chosen as one of 10 streets that changed America

Why Democratic candidates for Michigan governor want Detroit votes

Republican candidates for U.S. Senate battle over abortion, TV ads

Mom sues Detroit schools, alleges teacher severed son's finger

The Star-Ledger

Only these 2 N.J. towns have fully recovered since the housing crash

N.J. may force school districts to raise taxes. Is yours affected?

'Everything is far from okay.' Half empty buses, excess spending in N.J. district

Homeless shelter that closed in sweltering heat reopens (for now)

The Chicago Tribune

Potential Trump Supreme Court pick Barrett: Catholic Chicago judge stirs abortion debate

Judge rebukes outgoing EPA chief Pruitt for allowing Illinois to skirt ethics rules

3 teens wounded in single shooting among 6 shot in Chicago Thursday, Friday

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Rep. Jim Jordan again disputes allegations he knew Ohio State wrestlers were sexually abused (videos)

12 Cuyahoga County cities nominated for development grants

Oakland Raider Gareon Conley countersues woman who accused him of rape in downtown Cleveland

Tending to growth, tackling poverty issues key focus for Glenville councilman: Cleveland City Council summer recess

The Los Angeles Times

Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society is the man to see if you aspire to the Supreme Court

L.A. gangs stockpile untraceable 'ghost guns' that members make themselves

Minister supported Trump, now faces deportation under immigration crackdown

Ex-officer involved in beating of Rodney King charged with DUI

The Washington Post

President’s business keeps profiting from Chinese ties

Black homeownership is stuck near 30-year lows

The future of suburban homelessness? As malls empty, an old Macy’s becomes a homeless shelter.

Supreme Court candidate Thomas Hardiman known as an ‘extremist’ on gun rights

Trump’s trade war starts, and China strikes back with tariffs of its own

Wheeler is expected to pick up where Pruitt left off at EPA — only without the controversy that plagued him

Most Americans oppose key parts of Trump immigration plans, poll says

Fact Checker: Trump’s misleading claims on the ‘human toll of illegal immigration’

The Prince George’s schools chief said he was quitting. So why is he still there?

Transportation group says revamped Baltimore bus system ‘falls well short’ of promises

USA Today

Trump says he '100 percent' believes Rep. Jim Jordan's denials he knew of abuse allegations

Population migration patterns: US cities Americans are abandoning

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