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December 10, 2023

In 1950 Dr. Ralph J. Bunche becomes the first Black awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the Palestinian settlement.

Today in Black America - March 12

POSTED: March 12, 2009, 6:10 am

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The Christian Science Monitor

Is Obama taking on too much?

Unions’ dilemma on layoffs: to compromise or not?

Controversial ‘card check’ bill back for fourth time

US states step up efforts to help jobless

The New York Times

When Banks Say No, Microlenders Say Yes

Obama Signs Spending Bill as He Criticizes Earmarks

Voting Rights Elude Some Florida Ex-Felons, Study Says

The Washington Post

Steele’s Rocky Road

More Need, Less Help

Choice of Drug Czar Indicates Focus on Treatment, Not Jail

Hard Line on Guns Could Set Back D.C. Voting Rights

Area Jobless Rate Climb to Levels Not Seen in More Than a Decade

Baltimore Sun

More furloughs debated in state budget talks

City health official reported headed to FDA

Prepaid tuition plan deficit hits $80 million

Los Angeles Times

Plan could lead to reopening of King hospital

Coleman vs. Franken Senate contest drags on in Minnesota

Detroit Free Press

When will the Detroit City Hall probe end?

Bing claims mix-up over degree

Bing must be accountable for his fibs and address Detroit’s issues

Atlanta Journal Constitution

SunTrust helps 17,000 stay in their home

Boston Globe

City to funnel stimulus cash to housing

Sick flocking to in-store clinics

State deficit may hit $1b again

Chicago Tribune

10th-grader is 26th Chicago Public Schools student slain this year

Illinois unemployment hits 7.9%

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