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March 03, 2023

Elizabeth City State University, now a part of the University of North Carolina system, was founded on this date in 1891.

The Boobs on Fox News Channel

POSTED: September 29, 2014, 7:30 am

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As someone who has frequently appeared on Fox News Channel programs, O’Reilly, Dobbs and Hannity among the ‘guest’ slots, let me just make clear my opinion that Rupert’s money-making, right-wing propaganda machine is a house of idiots. On my last appearance on the Lou Dobbs train wreck they did not post my segment on the Fox News Channel website because things did not go so well for the immigrant bashing host. Afterwards as we walked out of the studio together Dobbs complained to me that he wanted me on his show but he had to reconsider future invitations because I would not answer his questions. I had to inform the self-inflated talking head that I “didn’t give a sh*t about his show and could care less if he ever invited me back.”

Needless to say, I have not ventured back to the Fox News Channel studios despite invitations to go on-air since my last appearance on Dobbs’ show.

Recently two Fox News Channel hacks Greg Gutfeld and Eric Bolling made sexist and disparaging remarks after a segment on The Five on Fox News show aired on Major Mariam al-Mansouri, a female fighter pilot for the United Arab Emirates who is one of four women pilots who had taken part in a bombing mission of ISIL targets in Syria. Bolling crassly remarked, “Would that be considered boobs on the ground or no?” It was just the latest in a history of tasteless, classless, sexist and racist comments that the Fake News Network has poisoned the airwaves with since its inception. For me it is an incident that defines what that news channel really is and should compel all clear thinking, decent and rational people to react in a way that our disgust will be evident.

In other words, ignore these troglodytes.

And while we ignore the Fox cesspool we need to send a message to advertisers whose products we buy and who support the Fox News Channel that we will spend our money elsewhere. No, we won’t immediately shut down the channel, and yes, it will retain and perhaps even grow its right-wing base but we can disturb the metrics enough to make things uncomfortable over at the News Corporation, parent of the Fox News Channel. It’s time we let the folks at Fox News Channel do what they do best, lie and deceive for their minions, but force their lies inward so it leads to self-implosion.

Not only do we need to ignore the boobs on the Fox News Channel as viewers, those of us who receive invitations to appear on the channel’s programming need to decline. Some will argue that we must go toe-to-toe with on-air racists and zealots to disprove the lies they spew. I disagree. Our most powerful weapon is our ability to say no. Nothing is gained, nothing at all, by appearing on programming that is designed to disseminate misinformation and rile up racist sentiment. Progressive Blacks and whites, and feminists who appear on the Fox News Channel are simply entertainment for the rabid masses, a ratings generator for Fox and a fundraising tool for right-wing politicians and causes. We need to declare that ‘show time’ is over.

Just say no.

“Not only do we need to ignore the boobs on the Fox News Channel as viewers, those of us who receive invitations to appear on the channel’s programming need to decline.”

It is really that easy. Let Rupert’s girls and boys talk amongst themselves. We have heard enough and know the script by now. There is nothing new to this act. So, why do we keep tuning in and expecting something different? Our continued viewing results in no change in the channel’s temperament, and only leaves us further disgusted and angered. How many times do you need to step on gum to learn that it produces the same result every time – a sticky mess? The Fox News Channel is that gum stuck on our soles. It’s time to scrape it off and go about our way.

For that matter, we need to understand the full breadth of the media empire our brilliant folks on Capitol Hill have allowed Murdoch to amass. Fox News Channel is the political operation of a media empire that includes The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and two New York City broadcast television properties along with his Twentieth Century Fox movie juggernaut to name a few pieces of the Murdoch machine. Your support of any of these entities is an investment in Murdoch’s media leviathan that is designed to advance a right-wing, anti-Black, anti-poor, anti-working class agenda in Washington and state capitals across the country. At a minimum, we should stop spending our money to support our own destruction.

Just remember, every time a Fox on-air personality steps into the racist and sexist tar pit, and they submerge themselves quite often, an evil gnome gets its horns.

Walter Fields is Executive Editor of

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