today in black history

January 20, 2018

On this day in 2009 Barack Obama took the oath of office as the nation's first Black President,

Today in Black America - May 22

POSTED: May 22, 2018, 11:00 am

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Today in Black History: The U.S. Department of War established the Bureau of the Colored Troops in 1863, an effort to help the Union Army in the Civil War.

The New York Times


Dovey Johnson Roundtree, Barrier-Breaking Lawyer, Dies

Hundreds in Oakland Turn Out to BBQ While Black

What to Watch For as Georgia, Arkansas and Kentucky Vote

Editorial: Trump v. the Department of Justice

By Ordering Inquiry Into F.B.I., Trump Crosses New Line

President’s New Mueller Strategy: Contain and Attack

Ex-Clinton Aide Dismisses Mueller Inquiry, and the Clintons Along With It

G.O.P. Leaders to Be Shown Some Details on Russia Inquiry

Can Parents Be Charged for Failing to Keep Guns Secured?

Democrats’ Next Big Thing: Government-Guaranteed Jobs


The M.T.A. Chief Wears a Lot of Other Hats. Too Many?

In Jersey City, It’s Kushner vs. Kushner in a Race to Develop

The Eviction Machine Churning Through New York City

Leecia Eve, Ex-Aide to Clinton and Cuomo, Enters Attorney General Race

After Philly DA's Office clears man of murder, victim's family feels 'disrespected'

Legislative leaders express support for opening Pa.'s primaries

Opinion: "What are you?' 'Why do you wear that?' I'm an African American Muslim woman and I'm tired of explaining myself

Fear, intimidation,lack of due process: Inside the courtroom where you're not allowed to speak

The Chicago Tribune

Guns bought in Kentucky and resold to Chicago gang members linked to three homicides, prosecutors say

Co-defendant testifies against three longtime friends in killing of twin

R. Kelly accused of sexual assault and infecting woman with herpes

A bridge to segregation? Englewood photographer introduces neighbors on opposite sides of Chicago

The Detroit Free Press

Michigan State names ex-Chief Justice Robert Young as general counsel

Website hawks T-shirts to fund Kwame Kilpatrick freedom effort

Fired Troy city manager sentenced to probation, fines, counseling for shoving coworker

Former EMU student ordered to pay $2,000 for racist graffiti

The Star Ledger

Councilman says syringe wasn't his, but community 'demands' he resign

11 N.J. McDonald's locations hit with fines for child labor law violations

Free Wi-Fi, children's library. This is what a low-income housing complex looks like in Newark.

Judge won't move Carteret cop's trial over 'perfectly acceptable' reporting

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Councilman Blaine Griffin promises comprehensive legislation on lead poisoning problem

Cleveland City Council approves plans for brighter street lights, security cameras to boost safety

Ohio women make 77 cents to every dollar men earn, study says

Cuyahoga County corruption investigators serve subpoena pertaining to $25 million ERP computer project

Deputy U.S. Marshal used racial slur heard on Facebook Live

The Washington Post

Voters in four Southern states are headed to the polls today. Here’s what to watch for.

In Georgia, two history-making hopefuls offer differing visions for Democrats

After long decline, death rates from prostate cancer stop falling

Israel accuses head of human rights group of anti-Israel activities, orders him to leave

Hogan raised $1.2 million in 35 days, more money than some Democratic challengers raised all last year

Democrats take swipes at Hogan during first televised debate

Donna Edwards gets backing of SEIU Local 500 in race for county executive

Montgomery County considers changing tack on legal aid for immigrants

The Los Angeles Times

Mayor Eric Garcetti to do third round of interviews with LAPD chief candidates

Guns, God and 'get those heads up' when you pray

Essential Education: Austin Beutner starts as superintendent

USA Today

Autopsies will determine whether any Santa Fe shooting victims were killed in cross fire

What the average American has -- and needs -- in emergency savings

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