today in black history

July 12, 2020

In 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed to count slaves as "three-fifths" of a person for political representation.

Today in Black America - June 8

POSTED: June 08, 2012, 12:00 am

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The Washington Post

After Kwame Brown quits, jockeying begins on D.C. Council for chairman

New charge filed against Kwame Brown

Brown’s demise may leave scar on body politic

Public workers nationwide in fiscal, political bull’s-eye

Republicans grill attorney general

Think Tanked: Koch brothers launch PR campaign

The Christian Science Monitor

Versatile engines power up rural African villages

New Jersey Muslims sue NYPD to end surveillance

Bill Clinton: Is he the Democrats' Newt Gingrich? (+video)

Startup Act 2.0: Could it be an immigration breakthrough?

The New York Times

Campaigns Blitz 9 Swing States in a Battle of Ads

Approval Rating for Justices Hits Just 44% in New Poll

Romney Raised More Than Obama in May

How Do You Like Bill Clinton in Your Corner?

Donations to Key Cuomo Ally Show a Rift Among Unions

Prosecutors in Seabrook Case Can’t Use Just His Last Name

The Star Ledger

Gov. Christie's 'difficult dance' between bipartisanship, conversatism is a focus as speech arrives

UMDNJ president signals she's OK with Rutgers takeover, says more details need to be discussed

60 organizations ask Statehouse Democrats to reject Christie's budget, upset with loss of school funding

N.J.'s economic output slipped in 2011, according to U.S. stats

The Detroit Free Press

Rochelle Riley: Here's a way to end Detroit's fall and rise again

House Republicans aim to cut state income tax rate to 3.9% by 2018

Effort to recall Gov. Rick Snyder abandoned in wake of Wisconsin vote

State plays hardball with Detroit over challenge to consent deal

New Michigan poll: Obama and Romney locked in dead heat

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Marietta council member pleads guilty to assault on colleague

GSU plans to buy Atlanta Life building

2 words lead to APS teacher's ouster

 targets jury scofflaws

The Chicago Tribune

Study: Urban kids have higher incidence of food allergies than rural ones

Woodridge settles for $5 million in wrongful rape conviction suit

Students, parents seek removal of bars from Evanston middle school

USA Today

Walmart workers band together to air complaints

What happens after justices rule on health care?

U.S. military averaging a suicide a day in 2012

FAMU president vows to stay despite rebuke

George Zimmerman's new bond hearing set for June 29

The Los Angeles Times

New state law saves money by reducing parolee oversight

Prop. 29 backers hold out hope as gap narrows

Roosevelt High looks for alternatives to student suspensions

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