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September 29, 2020

Journalist Gwen Ifill, host of the PBS program "Washington Week," is born in 1955 in Queens, New York.

Today in Black America - November 20

POSTED: November 20, 2012, 6:00 am

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The New York Times

The 2012 Election, in a Relative Sense

Florida Election Officials Miss Tally Deadline in House Race

For Tax Pledge and Its Author, a Test of Time

College of Future Could Be Come One, Come All

Justice and the Central Park Jogger Case

Bias Weighed as Motive in Killings of Brooklyn Shopkeepers

Likely Mayoral Contenders Suggest Improving Bloomberg’s Leadership of Schools

The Christian Science Monitor

Wal-Mart Black Friday walkout: How bad will it be?

Home sales up, inventory down: good for home prices and for builders

Giving back: Eight innovative philanthropists around the world

The Star Ledger

Rutgers boards approve historic UMDNJ merger

Law pushing towns to share more services clears N.J. Senate committee

AG's office launches new domestic violence training program for N.J. police

Feds order N.J. to return $50M in Medicaid payments

N.J. Senate panel approves minimum wage increase

The Detroit Free Press

Suit seeking removal of Roberts from DPS filed with state Supreme Court

Legislative proposals could alter education landscape in Michigan

Emergency request filed to remove Detroit schools' financial manager

Michigan's local leaders support eliminating personal property tax, fear loss of revenue

Metro Detroit cities get aggressive about enforcing codes to fight blight, protect property values

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

2-year-old girl killed in DeKalb

MLK students get free computer through CFY-Atlanta

Atlanta student helping children learn ‘green' lessons

The Washington Post

Conservatives to GOP establishment after Romney’s loss: We told you so

In Burma, Obama delivers a long-sought message of hope and change

And the worst candidate of 2012 election is . . .

Report: FDA needs workforce upgrade

Secession petitions raise worthwhile questions,' Ron Paul says

The Chicago Tribune

Quinn, state lawmakers react to CPS truancy crisis

CTA, union agree to tentative 4-year deal

Former high school basketball star dies from shooting injuries

The Los Angeles Times

Panel advises HIV tests for nearly everyone

Asian Americans enjoy new high in Congress

For O.C. Republicans, party's immigration stance is a millstone

New ethnic voters fortify California Democratic majorities

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland City councilman says housing report isn't erroneous, but it needs to be 'fixed'

Cleveland City Council seeks tougher penalties for failing to stop for school bus

Online petition claims Obama got more votes in one Ohio county than there are registered voters: PolitiFact Ohio

Former Congressman Lou Stokes, 87, will retire from law practice to write books

USA Today

States eye trusts for new oil, gas revenue

Pentagon overseas propaganda plan stirs controversy

Opposing view: U.S. cheerleads Israel’s assault

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