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July 14, 2020

The George Washington Carver National Monument is dedicated in 1943 in Diamond, Missouri in honor of the famous scientist.

Today in Black America - December 27

POSTED: December 27, 2012, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Senators to Return With 5 Days Left and No Clear Fiscal Path

Clout Diminished, Tea Party Turns to Narrower Issues

Fiscal Cutoff Would Pinch at First, Then Get Steadily Worse

A Campaign on U.S. Debt Gains Steam

Legal Curbs Said to Hamper A.T.F. in Gun Inquiries

Outcry Over a Newspaper’s Map of Handgun Permit Holders

NBC’s Display of a 30-Shot Gun Magazine Prompts a Police Inquiry

Doctors Warned on ‘Divided Loyalty’

The Christian Science Monitor

'Fiscal cliff': Is Washington missing its chance to 'go big'?

Home for the holidays: Fewer US troops are absent this year

Sharp criticism after New York newspaper publishes names of local gun owners

Homes for the homeless: a smart investment in dignity

The Star Ledger

Bayonne gun manufacturer urges caution, compassion in wake of Sandy Hook tragedy

N.J. lawmaker vows to tighten state's gun laws

Asbury Park mayor calls for assault rifle ban after Connecticut school shootings

The Detroit Free Press

Fewer students means more money woes for state's school districts

Home prices rise in some U.S. cities; Detroit's up 10%

Metro Detroit school districts operating in the red

How much your school district grown or shrunk since 2008? Search this database

Annette Kay Stanfield Spinks: Pioneering jurist cared for others

The Washington Post

Back in town for one last try at ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

Dionne: The Republicans’ own worst enemy

Top 10 stories in the federal workforce

Kenyan McDuffie is on the rise

Christmas with Kodi

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Metro hospital giant, GM form unlikely team

As Fulton County Schools forms governance councils for charter schools there are lessons to be learned from Marietta

New website helps consumers find Georgia health facilities

The Chicago Tribune

3 teachers, union sue CPS, allege racial bias

Fledgling charity aims to help one person at a time

Kwanzaa celebration aims to attract new generation

Judge sets bond at 100K for sisters after fatal fire

The Los Angeles Times

Friends, neighbors reeling after killing

Guns pour in at Los Angeles buyback events

Black voter turnout may have surpassed whites for the first time

UCLA philanthropy class benefits community groups and students

New college application questions encourage creative thinking

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Mildred and Leonard McClain making a difference for seniors

USA Today

150 years later, Lincoln's Emancipation still sparks debate

Dirty medical needles put tens of thousands at risk in USA

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