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September 24, 2020

President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957 to desegregate Central High School.

Today in Black America - February 19

POSTED: February 19, 2013, 12:00 am

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Today in Black History: Prolific songwriter, Grammy Award winning artist, producer, and music executive William "Smokey" Robinson is born in 1940.

The New York Times

Editorial: Unjust Mandatory Minimums

Pro-Gun Lawmakers Are Open to Limits on Size of Magazines

Bucking a Trend, Supreme Court Justices Reject Video Coverage

From the Bronx, Planning a Long-Shot Run for Mayor

House Approves Storm Aid for Religious Institutions

To Succeed, Housing Plan Must Navigate Fear and Criticism

The Christian Science Monitor

Presidents' Day 2013: Actually, there’s no such thing

Behind the maneuvering over immigration, both parties look for advantage

The Monitor's View: Instead of blaming media violence for kids who kill, demand more nonviolent video games

The Star Ledger

Assemblyman in hot water for 'likes' of racy, violent Facebook pages

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

DeKalb’s Eugene Walker to relinquish school board chairmanship

No bond for Morehouse shooting suspect

The Detroit Free Press

Financial review due, council fears Detroiters' voice will be lost under EM

Kilpatrick evidence now in the hands of jury as deliberations begin

Nurse sues, says hospital backs dad's request that no blacks treat his newborn

Detroit girl, 7, remains critical after shooting

Ape placed above black woman's desk; judge outraged

The Chicago Tribune

Jackson Jr. may lose pension, face 5 years in jail

Rev. Jackson says son is under 'tight medical supervision'

Mom of slain woman: I hope they 'find out who did this to my baby'

Campaign problems, voter intimidation alleged in Cicero

After 148 years, Mississippi ratifies slavery ban

The Washington Post

3-D printers could test gun laws

For second term, idealistic Obama returns

Police enlist war tech in crime fight

At D.C. jail, new sheriff in town has brought transparency, commitment

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland minority contractor groups issue statement denouncing city's racial disparity study

Dueling 'state of' speeches come as Ed FitzGerald considers 2014 bid against Gov. John Kasich

Black History Month: John Brown the barber, early settler, became wealthy

The Los Angeles Times

Garcetti, Greuel trade attacks in televised debate

Health reform backers fear a jump in premiums

Executive, charged with slapping baby on Delta flight, loses job

Deasy wants 30% of teacher evaluations based on test scores

Complaint alleges racial bias in Palmdale elections

USA Today

K-5 teacher overload: Too many trained, not enough jobs

Can-do communities: 4 towns look within to fix problem

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