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July 08, 2020

In 2003 President George W. Bush condemned slavery as one of the greatest crimes in history during a visit to Goree Island in Senegal.

Today in Black America - June 17

POSTED: June 17, 2013, 7:00 am

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Today in Black History: Composer and educator James Weldon Johnson, who wrote "Lift Every Voice and Sing," was born in 1871 in Jacksonville, Florida.

The New York Times

Cheney Defends Surveillance and Says Leaks Were Traitorous

Editorial: Release the Facts About the I.R.S. Scandal

The Great Divide: Schooling Ourselves in an Unequal America

Police Chief in Florida Tries to Ease Old Tensions

Budget Cuts Reach Bone for Philadelphia Schools

Quinn, Shifting Approach, Will Fight Attacks in Speech

The Christian Science Monitor

Donaldsonville explosion: With Southern industrial boom come dangers

US promises military aid to Syrian rebels. Now what?

The Monitor's View: Falling white birthrate: The new American ‘us’

The Star Ledger

Will big money leave Newark if Cory Booker wins Senate seat?

Anti-carjacking public awareness campaign to target 4 Essex County municipalities

Former Newark Police Chief sues Booker, claims he was pressured to resign

Lawsuit: Newark charter school founder fired employees who threatened to expose illegal acts

November N.J. election has bigger implications than partisan control

The Detroit Free Press

Bills, new agency to make life easier for Michigan's veterans

In Detroit's financial crisis, a restructuring: Services, groups affected

Q&A with Kevyn Orr: Detroit's emergency manager talks about city's future

Student loans are big business for government, bringing billions in profit

Wayne State forum to focus on role of 'joy' in urban planning

The Washington Post

State photo-ID databases are troves for police

Conservative justices likely to write most remaining decisions

U.S. records chief discusses federal e-mail record-keeping programs

Obama’s jobs statistic is overworked

Graduates from low-performing D.C. schools face tough college road

Graduates from low-performing D.C. schools face tough college road

The Chicago Tribune

Bloody weekend violence leaves 7 dead, 46 shot

CPS announces teacher layoffs; union braces for more

Jesse Jackson Jr. lawyers fear he won't get mental health care in prison

Quinn now wants House pension reform bill pushed through Senate

Hyde Park Academy students attend Father's Day luncheon at White House

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Teacher pay, 'value-added' analysis explained

Teacher pay and 'value-added' ratings seem largely unrelated

Cuyahoga County hospitals and colleges collaborate to identify and meet job needs

The Los Angeles Times

L.A. County bus drivers say pesticides are making them ill

Unspent money leaves water undrinkable

Brown retreats from conditions on university funding

Lawmakers should close bullet-buying loophole

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Chappell Forest: A complex abandoned while lives restart

Man killed inside car was Morehouse student

WNBA star pleads guilty to assault on ex-girlfriend

Counties make big money on inmate phone services

USA Today

Woman sentenced to death at 16 to leave prison

Michael Wolff: CNN's new shows offer alternatives to politics

At IRS, 'Tea Party' could mean 'liberal,' official says

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