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July 07, 2020

Baseball legend, Negro League star and Hall of Famer Leroy "Satchel" Paige was born in 1906 in Mobile, Alabama.

Today in Black America - September 18

POSTED: September 18, 2013, 12:00 am

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Today in Black History: Booker T. Washington delivers his "Atlanta Compromise" speech at the Atlanta Cotton Exposition in 1895.

The New York Times

Ex-Officials Are Reaping Profit After Assisting on Health Law

Edsall: Making Money Off the Poor

Op-Ed: The Mismeasure of Poverty

Florida Among States Undercutting Health Care Enrollment

Household Incomes Remain Flat Despite Improving Economy

State Law Prevented Sale of Assault Rifle to Suspect Last Week, Officials Say

Judge Throws Out Officers’ Convictions in Killings After Hurricane Katrina

In New York, Having a Job, or 2, Doesn’t Mean Having a Home

De Blasio Has Huge Lead Over Lhota, Poll Finds

Judge Won’t Delay Order on Policing

The Christian Science Monitor

Navy Yard shooting: US to review security at all military installations

Aaron Alexis: a history of angry acts, seeking help, feeling 'slighted'

US poverty rate steady at 15 percent, but 'lower class' is booming

The Star Ledger

Wanted: N.J. teachers with better grades in college

Newark men directed traffic for hours after signals went dark

Steve Lonegan attack on Cory Booker is again drowned out by shouting

Police: Paramus student, 17, found with handgun at school

Poll: Have you seen property tax relief under Gov. Christie?

The Detroit Free Press

Adrian College to make student loan payments for low-earning grads

Canvassers in Detroit mayoral recount send some ballots to prosecutor, judge

City clerk candidate says personal bankruptcy won't affect ability to do the job

Judge urges Detroit, creditors to make deals, avoid 'horrendous' litigation

Kym Worthy told to release jail project audit or get a court order

Councilman to Mayor: Lease city-owned sports boxes to raise $ for school supplies

Philly cop now advocates for gun control

53 to be honored with awards for valor

PICA board says yes to Phila. budget

Federal court rejects N.J. sports betting

The Washington Post

Security checks fail to flag Navy Yard gunman’s violent history

Four years after tragedy, family faces yet another

Doctor makes plea to end violence

Remembering the victims of the shooting

Gun control, RIP

Editorial: An urgent need for rational laws

House GOP revolt over Obamacare moves government shutdown closer

D.C. Council fails to override ‘living wage’ veto

The Chicago Tribune

No dramatic changes in CPS teacher evaluations

Elderly man, a neighborhood fixture, fatally shot at South Side bus stop

Daley decision shakes up governor race

Organizations getting word out to young people in crisis

Walgreen moves to new health insurance model

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cuyahoga County audit reveals mishandling of money, poor record-keeping in Clerk's office

Rep. Marcia Fudge decries effort to slice $40 billion from food stamps

Teen arrested for alleged role in Cleveland hate crime

Suboxone, an addiction treatment drug, seeps into Ohio prisons as contraband

Second community forum on violence in Cleveland geared toward men, explores link between fatherless upbringing and crime

The Los AngelesTimes

L.A. bid for 2024 Olympics gets a boost with county support

Access to healthcare for the poor varies widely among states

Cost of caring for elderly, disabled Californians to rise

L.A. school board approves budget for training in new curriculum

USA Today

Study: State's poor health care affects all income levels

Poll: N.J. residents think Christie will seek presidency

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

UA president: Sorority decisions based on race

Atlanta school board rejects principal’s promotion

Irwin County business owner enters race for state school superintendent

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