today in black history

August 04, 2020

President Barack Hussein Obama, the first Black elected President of the United States, was born on this date in 1961 in Hawaii.

Today in Black America - October 17

POSTED: October 17, 2013, 8:30 am

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Today in History: Historian and journalist, Lerone Bennett, Jr., senior editor of Ebony magazine, was born in 1928 in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The New York Times

Federal Employees Instructed to Return to Work Thursday

Republicans Lose a Lot to Get Little

Political Gridlock Has Cost United States Billions

Editorial: The Republican Surrender

Blow: The Republican Collapse

Sebelius Stands Firm Despite Calls to Resign

De Blasio Lashes Out at Lhota Over a Television Ad

Lhota Explains Role in Crime Data

The Christian Science Monitor

Debt limit debacle: Who won and who lost? (video)

Republicans attack national parks chief over government shutdown closures

Medal of Honor winner: jobless and struggling with horrors of war

The Star Ledger

Campaign criticisms aside, Booker hit the right notes in victory

5 dead in 3 days: Newark homicide surge sparks call for more cops in high-crime areas

Christie leads Buono by 29 points and narrows gender gap in new Q-poll

5 dead in 3 days: Newark homicide surge sparks call for more cops in high-crime areas

The Detroit Free Press

Bernard Kilpatrick faces sentence for tax crime today

Jesse Jackson urges metro Arab Americans to stand up for their rights

Murders on the decline in Detroit, police chief says

Lawsuit claims children suffer sexual, emotional abuse in Michigan prisons

Financial report: Detroit's revenue keeps sliding, but cash flow improves

Resolution to move ahead with Common Core introduced in Senate

School District to rehire 400 employees

Nutter aide moves to a campaign for governor -- his mother's

City starts monthly payment plan for tax delinquents

NJ gives Golden Nugget an Internet gambling permit

School board denies bias accusations

The Chicago Tribune

Documents of historic African-American undervalued, finder says

Illinois lawmakers express disappointment with shutdown wrangling

Emanuel taps City Hall insider as CHA chief

Aldermen call for Burge reparations

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Government shutdown: White House tells federal workers to return on Thursday

Ohio Supreme Court says company car, other job perks should count in child support calculations

University of Akron cuts jobs and budget due to enrollment decline

Oberlin group seeks referendum over controversial law involving guns in parks

The Los Angeles Times

In vetoing gun-control bill, Brown misses the mark

Prisoners' lawyers challenge care for California's condemned

4 L.A. schools defer iPads, citing security, liability issues

The Washington Post

Federal employees should expect to work Thursday

A glum defeat for House conservatives

Spoiler alert: John Boehner lost.

Even with an agreement, the economy is still in peril

Rubin: GOP has to remember who’s responsible

Editorial: Finally, they have a deal

Brown tops two Democratic rivals in early Md. poll

Study: D.C.’s teacher evaluation system affects workforce

D.C. government scores victory in Hill spending deal

Pr. George’s executive urges Redskins to weigh new name

‘No confidence’ vote against Howard trustees committee

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

APS bus drivers protest over pay, mismanagement

Former DeKalb schools chief to plead guilty

Violent gang leader gets life sentence

USA Today

Obama signs budget deal, ending shutdown

Winners and losers? The early line after an epic battle

Rieder: Philly newspaper stars in ugly melodrama

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