today in black history

August 04, 2020

President Barack Hussein Obama, the first Black elected President of the United States, was born on this date in 1961 in Hawaii.

Today in Black America - June 7

POSTED: June 07, 2016, 6:30 am

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Today in Black History: James Byrd, Jr. of Jasper, Texas was dragged to his death by three white supremacists in an incident in 1998 that stunned the nation.

The New York Times


What to Watch For as Democrats Vote in Six States Today

The Supreme Court Is Afraid of Racial Justice

Supreme Court to Hear Death Penalty Cases

Donald Trump Says He Broke Glass Ceiling for Women in Construction Industry

On One California Night, Triumph and Tragedy

Baltimore Judge, Not Jury, to Decide Freddie Gray Murder Case

Why the Driver in the Freddie Gray Case Faces a Murder Charge

Outrage in Stanford Rape Case Over Light Sentence for Attacker and Statement by His Father

No Charges for Mother of Boy Who Slipped Into Gorilla Enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo


De Blasio Shifts Away From His Re-election Message of ‘One City’

New York Attorney General Seeks to Halt Sale of 2 Nursing Homes Amid Inquiries

How the G.O.P. Plans to Restrict de Blasio’s Control of New York City Schools

The Christian Science Monitor

In America’s culture war, state legislatures lead the charge

THE MONITOR'S VIEW Muhammad Ali: ‘I am America’

The Star-Ledger

How N.J.'s 2.6 million unaffiliated voters can cast a ballot Tuesday

Bridgegate case: Who is 'John Doe?' Court remains mum on release of name

Blocked by Sweeney support of Horizon, lawmakers OK weaker insurance regulation

Blocking affordable housing segregates N.J.'s blacks and Latinos | Opinion

Failed N.J. political candidate, mom and sis indicted in mortgage fraud scheme

Kathleen Kane's office faces discrimination complaint - from her twin sister

Milton Street plans an independent run for Congress

Layoffs, tax hikes loom, Pa.schools say

Philly schools reach tentative pact with 32BJ blue-collar workers

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Downtown Cleveland to get city's first police 'mini-station' in years

Congressional pork lives, and that means millions are available for local road, bridge, trail projects

Only 40 percent of college seniors say their school prepared them for a career, survey says

What Cleveland can gain from New Haven's fight against gangs: Pathways to Peace

Why Muhammad Ali was The Greatest to a black kid in Cleveland: Gregory L. Moore

The Detroit Free Press

Costs of police body cameras raise concern

Michigan congressional candidate apologizes for teen sex remarks

Trial begins for Detroit cops accused of stealing money, drugs

The Chicago Tribune

6-year-old girl shot on Northwest Side

School bus monitor accused of hitting special-needs boy

'Crumbling prisons?' Not so fast, Gov. Rauner

Rauner: Emanuel's failure to stand up to Madigan 'major disappointment' of tenure

The Los Angeles Times

California's primary is Tuesday. Here's everything you need to know.

What nomination? Neither Clinton nor Sanders seems interested in her history-making moment

Black preschool kids still get suspended much more frequently than white preschool kids

Who gets to decide which L.A. public school campuses have to share space with charters?

On California's death row, too insane to execute

Gov. Brown's parole measure can go on November ballot, state Supreme Court rules

The Washington Post

Sanders’s supporters criticize news outlets for calling the nomination

Sanders plans to ‘assess’ presidential bid at home in Vermont after Tuesday contests

Ryan to unveil anti-poverty proposal as part of election-year policy agenda

Bernie Sanders tells supporters to knock off the violence

Five eye-opening figures from the U.S. Education Department’s latest civil rights data dump

New federal civil rights data show persistent racial gaps in discipline, access to advanced coursework

Their mom is jailed in West Africa, and they are desperate to bring her home to the U.S.

‘You’ve seen us disagree on the dais, but we have not been disagreeable’

USA Today

Black students nearly 4x as likely to be suspended

Wis. system fails to track juvenile prison assaults

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