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May 18, 2021

In 1896, U.S. Supreme Court upholds Plessy v. Ferguson, beginning Jim Crow or de jure segregation and ending Reconstruction.

Today in Black America - November 21

POSTED: November 21, 2016, 7:30 am

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Today in Black America: Inventor Granville T. Woods patented the Electric Railway Conduit in 1893.

The New York Times


A Case Study in How Fake News Spreads

Meeting Cabinet Contenders, Trump Praises General

White Nationalists Herald ‘Awakening’

Blow: Making America White Again

The Rural Vote’s Disproportionate Slice of Power

In a Trump Era, Schumer Declares, Democrats Are ‘the Barrier’

U.S. Companies to Trump: Don’t Abandon Global Climate Deal

Immigrants Who Came to U.S. as Children Fear Deportation Under Trump

Thousands of Mourners Celebrate Gwen Ifill’s Tenacity and Grace

Obama Is Considering Removing N.S.A. Leader


With Anti-Trump Advantage, Cuomo and de Blasio Vie to Be Opponent in Chief

Mayor de Blasio Increases New York’s Budget by $1.3 Billion

Report Spurs CUNY to End Its Contracts With Outside Lobbyists

The Christian Science Monitor

Why Trump might not stop sanctuary cities: The Constitution

After election, some Americans seek news from the other side

Pick by pick, Trump is reshaping the GOP

What Trump really means for global climate-change progress

William Penn Foundation giving $100 million to remake city parks, libraries, and rec centers

Judge allows suit by ex-TV anchor fired after online remarks

Challenges for Wolf loom in 2017 and after

City rolls out 'soda tax' enforcement plan

The Star-Ledger

What 2 ex-N.J. governors say President-elect Trump should do first

Christie meets with Trump during revolving-door day at N.J. golf course

Can N.J.'s immigrant 'sanctuary' cities survive under Trump?

Trump's election ripped this N.J. county in half

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Could GOP supermajority at Ohio Statehouse be too big to hold? Thomas Suddes

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill considers 2018 gubernatorial run

Making downtown Akron livable means overcoming history of designing city for cars (photos)

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan writes open letter in wake of presidential election

About 300 march through downtown Cleveland in anti-Donald Trump protest

Democrats, Republicans raising money for possible legal battle over close Ohio Supreme Court race

The Detroit Free Press

Royal Oak middle schooler who hung noose is removed from school

Rochelle Riley: Children are not problems; they need solutions

Free Press special report: Could these solutions help Detroit's kids?

Helping children: Stress of poverty, violence, pain can alter brains

The Chicago Tribune

2 teens charged with murder in shooting of U.S. Rep. Danny Davis' grandson

1 man dead, another wounded in Chicago shootings

EDITORIALS: AFSCME, Rauner and a possible strike

The Washington Post

Trump transition team signals more Cabinet picks coming

Even Israel says this Jewish settlement is illegal. Now comes the showdown.

Protesters try to confront white nationalists in D.C. for conference

How one lucrative site stokes the alt-right by playing fast and loose with facts

Trump confirms Giuliani as a candidate for secretary of state and ‘other things’

Trump opposes federal involvement in education. But do his plans ensure a ‘Race to the Bank’?

Donald Trump, America’s first independent president

A walking movement is energizing African American women

The real action in the Senate may be the relationship between Trump, McConnell and Schumer

More than 18,000 Vermonters wrote in Bernie Sanders for president

D.C.’s public charter school system turned 20 this year. Now what?

How to salvage Metro? Rewrite the compact, says influential D.C. business group

Bail reform in Maryland clears major hurdle

The Los Angeles Times

Could Donald Trump's education policy change schools in California and nationwide?

'We will rise to the occasion because there is no one else': California Democrats gather to strategize in wake of Trump win

USA Today

Trump's turn? Republican presidents rule recessions

March for Women protests president-elect outside golf club in N.J.

SAM app helps counselors, parents detect language of teen suicide

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