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July 03, 2020

Educator Dr. Ruth Simmons, the first Black president of Brown University, was born on this date in 1945 in Grapeland, Texas.

Today in Black America - December 9

POSTED: December 09, 2016, 8:00 am

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Today in Black History: P.B.S. Pinchback becomes the nation's first Black governor on this date in 1872 in the state of Louisiana.

The New York Times


The Riddle of Prison Sentencing

Trump Picks Fast-Food Executive for Labor Secretary

Editorial: Andrew Puzder Is the Wrong Choice for Labor Secretary

Where Trump’s Cabinet Picks and Americans Differ

‘Cyberbullying’ of Union Leader on Twitter Draws Fire

E.P.A. Pick Won’t Undo All Climate Efforts, Experts Say

Mapping Three Decades of Global Water Change

Where ‘Depression and Rage’ Intersect in Chicago

Libraries Become Unexpected Sites of Hate Crimes

Federal Judge Clears Way to End Michigan Recount


Police Pledge to Film Interrogations Is Unmet After Three Years

New York Charters Enroll Fewer Homeless Pupils Than City Schools

Mayor de Blasio Calls Steam-Burn Deaths of Toddlers a ‘Freak Accident’

Andrew Cuomo Says He Met With Federal Prosecutors About Aides’ Corruption Case

Governors Compromise on Port Authority Plan. Commissioners Don’t Go Along.

The Christian Science Monitor

Black woman who fought segregation to be face of Canada's $10 bill

Portland to tax CEOs who earn 'too much,' a first for income inequality fight

How should the news media talk about the 'alt-right' movement?

At dawn of Trump era, political center sees an opening

The Star-Ledger

Lawmakers push to expand N.J. pension investments to Transportation Trust Fund

Large group of teens brawl at N.J. mall; 1 arrested, 1 injured

School bus cameras: Sensible idea, but a money-grab | Editorial

N.J. couple files discrimination suit against Barneys, report says

Rogers shows shades of Trump as he enters N.J governor's race

Philly adopts new limits on sales of cigarettes and tobacco

Pa. college faculty approve contract

Philly Clout: Did Fattah get railroaded by federal judge?

Fattah lawyers: A 17-to-22 year sentence for ex-congressman would be 'unnecessarily harsh'

Ubiñas: For 11-year-old South Philly girl, a prison visit means everything

The Detroit Free Press

Program helps men learn to be the dads they want to be

Sex ed program goes far beyond sex, succeeds by meeting basic needs

Michigan owes Green Party's Stein a refund since ballot recount stops

The Chicago Tribune

American Dream collapsing for young adults, study says, as odds plunge that children will earn more than their parents

1 dead, at least 8 wounded in city shootings

2 Chicago cops resign in face of firing over off-duty beating a decade ago

Officials ignored 3 decades of lead warnings at low-income housing complex

USDA issues scaled-back healthy food requirements for food stamp stores

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Black Lives Matter, lawyers' group call for tough investigation of Hudson police shooting

President Barack Obama's statement on the death of Sen. John Glenn

Tributes pour in for U.S. Sen., astronaut John Glenn

Businesses are quiet as Ohio debates high school graduation requirements

Man with Down syndrome frustrated Cleveland police officers haven't been disciplined in use-of-force case

Ohio Supreme Court upholds convictions of mass murderer Anthony Sowell

The Washington Post

Trump era confronts organized labor with gravest crisis in decades

How Trump appealed to white, evangelical voters

Fact Checker: Manufacturing jobs fell under Obama despite his claim

GOP ready to launch aggressive probe of Russia, despite collision course with Trump

After Supreme Court’s pauses, Alabama executes man for killing store clerk

She became the nation’s first Somali American lawmaker. A month later, she was harassed in a D.C. cab for being Muslim.

Poll: A majority of Americans say Muslims face ‘a lot’ of discrimination

Some blamed ‘BLM’ for a house fire. Officials say it was started by the firefighter who lived there.

Just before Trump blasted Air Force One deal, Boeing pledged $1 million for inauguration

Education Department civil rights officials urged to work through ‘tough times ahead’

American Dream collapsing for young adults, study says, as odds plunge that children will earn more than their parents

Nominee to lead D.C. schools says he is ready to tackle the system’s biggest problems

Whistleblower suit: D.C. employee fired after refusing to steer contracts to Bowser donor

The Los Angeles Times

Without these ads, there wouldn't be money in fake news

Stanford class pulls students out of the tech bubble and into the real world of government bureaucracy

L.A. City Council to award lucrative trash-hauling contracts

Did Oakland do enough to address the many warehouse danger complaints?

USA Today

Charleston shooting witness: 'I was just waiting my turn'

Here's how much of his own money Trump spent on his campaign

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