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July 10, 2020

Educator and civil rights leader Mary McLeod Bethune, founder of Bethune-Cookman College, was born in 1875.

Today in Black America - September 6

POSTED: September 06, 2017, 8:30 am

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Today in Black History: Abolitionist Frederick Douglass is elected president of the National Black Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in 1848.

Read the latest news on the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the National Weather Service reports on Hurricane Irma.

The New York Times


Congress Gets 6 Months to Solve a 16-Year Puzzle on ‘Dreamers’

800,000 Face Hazy Future After Trump Revokes Program

Trump Chooses Sessions, Longtime Foe of DACA, to Announce Its Demise

What We Know and Don’t Know About the End of DACA

Crisis at Chemical Plant Reveals Flaws in Safety Regulations

In Houston, a Terrifying Real-Life Lesson for Disaster-Prone Cities

North Korea Nuclear Arsenal an Obstacle to China’s Goals

EDITORIAL: An Incoherent Strategy on North Korea

Prominent Republicans Urge Supreme Court to End Gerrymandering

Appeals Panel Stays Injunction Against Texas Voter ID Law


Touting Record as Mayor, de Blasio Laments His Lack of Acclaim

Twice Beaten, Thrice Shy? Not for Sal Albanese, Mayoral Hopeful. Again.

Traces of Crime: How New York’s DNA Techniques Became Tainted

City Hospital System Is Expanding Children’s Mental Health Programs

Calhoun Who? Yale Drops Name of Slavery Advocate for Computer Pioneer

Kenney bemoans police union chief's 'rabid animals' comment

These three fast-improving school districts have lessons for Philly

She's a Jersey girl, Temple Owl and, now, Miss Black America

He said, she said: Justice for widow elusive at DA's Office


Menendez trial starts today: The investigation explained

Their votes in 2 elections didn't count. Will 3rd time be the charm?

Jersey City voters to have just two choices in mayor's race

Newark boosts public safety presence with start of school year

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ohio deputy who shot news photographer placed on leave

Cleveland NAACP says police union's refusal to hold flag at Browns game creates 'racial division'

Suspected drug dealer stomps on man's head behind Cleveland store over $40 debt, police say

Colleges express support for undocumented immigrant students affected if DACA ends

The Chicago Tribune

Chicago DACA recipients, activists spurred to action after Trump ends program

Ex-inmate sues over murder conviction, alleges Chicago police rigged evidence

City Hall agrees to cover up to $80M in CPS security costs

14-year-old boy critically wounded in South Chicago shooting

The Los Angeles Times

California educational leaders vow to protect immigrant students from deportation

Trump said he would turn the GOP into the party 'of the American worker.' How's that going?

Historical art or racist propaganda? How should Hollywood handle problematic classics like 'Gone With the Wind'?

Deputy accused in Alameda County jail abuse scandal choked an inmate until he fell unconscious, prosecutors say

The Detroit Free Press

Poll: 4 out of 10 Michigan voters question President Trump's mental stability

In Detroit schools, plenty of excitement, not enough teachers

10 things you need to know about the new school year in Michigan

Feds nab another engineer; 15th person charged in Macomb County corruption scandal

The Washington Post

Florida officials begin ordering evacuations as Irma intensifies

‘May God protect us all’: Puerto Rico and tiny islands in Irma’s path fear for the worst

After the flood, the monster that grows like ‘the Blob’ — and doesn’t die

Trump and GOP face a crossroads on immigration

DACA reaction shows how immigration has become a litmus test for Democrats

The claim that DACA ‘helped spur’ the 2014 surge of minors crossing the border

A big moment for 'anti-immigration warrior' Jeff Sessions

Obama calls Trump’s decision ‘wrong,’ ‘self-defeating’ and ‘cruel’

Trump Jr. to speak with Senate Judiciary on Thursday about Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s provocative veiled threat to Congress

‘White person to white supremacist person: What is wrong with you?’

Fifty-state poll: All eyes on third-party candidates, Obama’s popularity — and Utah

Charlottesville city council votes unanimously to remove another Confederate statute

Nearly 2,700 low-cost apartments in Alexandria were just sold to a new owner. What does it mean for the tenants?

USA Today

White Christians decline in U.S., but still dominate Republican Party

Indiana school bans Confederate symbols after students wear them 2 days in a row

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