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July 02, 2020

NAACP attorney and Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first Black to serve on the Supreme Court, is born in 1908 in Baltimore.

Today in Black America - September 28

POSTED: September 28, 2017, 9:30 am

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Today in Black History: New York Supreme Court Judge, the late Bruce H. Wright, author of "Black Robes, White Justice," is born in 1918 in Princeton, New Jersey.

The New York Times


Once-Mighty Deficit Hawks Hardly Peep at Tax Cut Plan

Six Charts That Help Explain the Republican Tax Plan

Fact Check: Trump Misleads on Who Benefits

Twitter Seen as Key Engine in Russian Influence Campaign

McConnell Gambled on Health Care and Alabama. He Lost.

Blow: ‘The Flag Is Drenched With Our Blood’

New York Village’s Seal, Widely Criticized as Racist, Has Been Changed

E.P.A. Threatens to Stop Funding Justice Dept. Environmental Work

Wealth Grew Broadly Over 3 Years, but Inequality Widened


Overturned Convictions Loom Over Menendez’s Corruption Trial

With Construction Worker Deaths Up, City Council Tightens Regulations

After Disasters, New York Goes Into Overdrive in Gathering Aid

Council Rock parents say schools not doing enough about racist incidents

Are temp workers in danger? A Philly study says yes.

Test scores inch up in Philly, Pa. schools

For juvebnile lifer who killed policeman, 44 years to life

The Detroit Free Press

Rep. Levin blasts Republican tax plan

Snyder backs state police director amid backlash over FB post condemning NFL protests

Return of PTAs key to Detroit school district's parent outreach

Warren panel won't hear complaint that mayor helped aide get life-time job protection

The Star-Ledger

Trump tax plan would end key break for N.J. residents battered by high property taxes

Scandal envelops N.J. college facing down doomsday scenario

Fewer people are going to prison in N.J.

Should Asbury Park tear down statue of segregationist founder?

Should Christie offer $5B in tax breaks to lure Amazon (and its 50,000 jobs)?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland starts training police officers to file reports from field, as required by consent decree

Judge won't dismiss lawsuit over fatal 2014 Akron police shooting (video, warning: graphic images)

Hearing for Steubenville rape convict's lawsuit against Youngstown State postponed

Knight Foundation awards $720K to three Akron neighborhood groups to spur revitalization

Say Yes to Education can change Cleveland's "no-win" poverty issues, schools CEO Eric Gordon says in state of the schools speech

The Chicago Tribune

1 dead, 14 wounded, including 14-year-old girl, in Chicago shootings

Chicago police officer is reprimanded for NFL protest photo while in uniform

U46 school board member: 'Flag nothing more than toilet paper to me'

EDITORIALS: The public's right to know about a violent incident in Aurora

The Los Angeles Times

The GOP tax plan could hit Southern California hard. Will the Republican House members here support it?

Essential California: California's winners and losers from Trump's tax plan

Occidental College announces new Obama Scholars program

UC Irvine opens expansive food pantry as more college students struggle with hunger

Did the D.A.’s office accidentally tip off L.A. gang member to witness’ address where two people were later shot?

The Washington Post

Trump waives shipping restrictions for Puerto Rico for hurricane relief

How a hurricane could cause Florida — the swingiest of swing states — to turn a bit more blue

Perspective: The ongoing legacy of discrimination in one very disturbing graph

Fact Checker Analysis: Trump sells his vague tax plan with a speech filled with inaccuracies

The Debrief: Trump stays unusually subdued in Indiana pitch for tax plan

EPA’s Pruitt took charter, military flights that cost taxpayers more than $58,000

Interior secretary says workers are disloyal. They see his personnel moves as illegal.

How a little-known financial adviser launched a college hoops corruption case — and why it may get bigger

Alabama basketball administrator resignation reportedly tied to major FBI probe

She confronted another driver. She says he called her a racial slur before shooting her in the neck.

Anger and calls to action after racially charged incident at American University

USA Today

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on protest pushback: 'They don't like the message'

O.J. Simpson could be set free from Nevada prison Monday

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