today in black history

July 17, 2024

The Port Chicago incident occurred in 1944 when Black Navy ammunition handlers were killed in a violent explosion at the California base.

Today in Black America - October 6

POSTED: October 06, 2021, 9:30 am

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Note: Some newspapers listed use a pay wall that requires a subscription before you can access the article.

The Associated Press

Troubled student loan forgiveness program gets an overhaul

New HUD rule aimed at preventing public housing evictions

In budget turning point, Biden conceding smaller price tag

The Washington Post

Biden says changing filibuster rules to raise debt ceiling is a possibility

Biden summons bank CEOs, other business leaders as debt ceiling showdown with GOP escalates

HHS: Vaccines likely kept 100,000 seniors out of hospitals

The New York Times

F.B.I. Raids N.Y.P.D. Sergeants’ Union Office, Prompting Leader to Quit

Why Democrats See 3 Governor’s Races as a Sea Wall for Fair Elections

Facebook Whistle-Blower Urges Lawmakers to Regulate the Company

USA Today

Overhaul of student loan program to benefit half a million borrowers, some immediately

Haitian migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. deserve better treatment: Bernice A. King

Rodney King's beating incited calls for police reform. 30 years later, LA poll shows work remains to be done

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

OPINION: Black historic district hits homebuyers like a ton of bricks

The Jolt: Brian Kemp headed to Texas border with nine GOP governors

OPINION: The ‘stop the steal’ Republicans pushing Buckhead City

Police should have been ‘more assertive’ to stop man’s racial harassment campaign in N.J. condo complex, prosecutor says

Biden and Harris endorse Gov. Murphy for re-election

Murphy, Ciattarelli running mates clash on abortion, vaccines, guns in only N.J. Lt. Gov. debate

The Los Angeles Times

How a coast crowded with ships, port gridlock and an anchor may have caused O.C. oil spill

Los Angeles shifts water supplies as drought hammers State Water Project

Editorial: Beyond Bruce’s Beach is the tarnished American dream for Black Americans

The Chicago Sun-Times

‘Mortified’ Foxx accuses Lightfoot of lying about deadly shootout as mayor goes to feds in search of charges county prosecutors won’t bring

Chicago doctor, others deal with COVID denial: ‘You are welcome to leave, but you will be dead before you get to your car’

Cook County commissioners delay vote on replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Some newspapers listed use a pay wall that requires a subscription before you can access the article.

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