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December 03, 2022

Frederick Douglass and Martin R. Delaney start the North Star anti-slavery newspaper in 1847.

Nation's Papers Take on Shutdown

POSTED: October 10, 2013, 7:00 am

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We have scanned the editorial pages of some of the nation's largest daily newspapers to get their take on the government shutdown.

The Miami Herald: Not another temper tantrum

The Hartford Courant: Republicans' Shutdown Strategy Not Winning Any Fans

The Minnesota Star Tribune: The House GOP's clueless shutdown crusade

The Chicago Sun-Times: President is right to stand firm

The San Francisco Chronicle: Dysfunctional Congress should shut down the games

The Los Angeles Times: Government shutdown: Where do we go from here?

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Mad Hatter time: The government shutdown becomes more absurd

The Cincinnati Enquirer: Budget tantrum is irresponsible

The Washington Post: The House GOP has nothing to show for its government shutdown

The New York Times: First End the Crisis, Then Talk

The New York Daily News: A national disgrace

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