today in black history

January 20, 2018

On this day in 2009 Barack Obama took the oath of office as the nation's first Black President,

Today in Black America - May 14

POSTED: May 14, 2018, 11:30 am

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Today in Black History: Two Jackson State Univ. students are killed by local police after taking part in campus protests against local conditions in 1970.

The New York Times


At Least 28 Palestinians Die in Protests as U.S. Prepares to Open Jerusalem Embassy

What a Times Reporter Saw at the Gaza-Israel Fence

As U.S. Demands Disarmament, It Increases Its Arsenal

Editorial: Ben Carson vs. the Fair Housing Act

As Idaho’s Politics Evolve, Don’t Expect a Democratic Surge

Under Activists’ Pressure, Xerox Calls Off Fujifilm Merger

Sidebar: Will the Supreme Court Scrutinize Solitary Confinement? One Justice Offers a Map

6 Takeaways From Trump’s Plans to Try to Lower Drug Prices

Trying for House Gains, Democrats Bless Moderates and Annoy Liberals

These 95 Apartments Promised Affordable Rent in San Francisco. Then 6,580 People Applied.


Surest Way in New York to Face Marijuana Charges: Be Black or Hispanic

Using Data to Make Sense of a Racial Disparity in Arrests

De Blasio Faulted Over Subsidized Subway Rides

In New York High Schools, the Sound of Music Is Muted

She brought a Twisted Tea to school by mistake. Is that really a case for the police?

Editorial: New districts and plaenty of candidates mean nothiung without voter turnpout Tuesday

Who's running, where to vote, and other resources for Tuesday's Pa. primary elections

Teenage girl killed, four teens injured in two Philadelphia shootings

The Detroit Free Press

Nassar scandal drives interest in Michigan State University board election

Diann Woodard: Union leader, educator 'fought tirelessly' for students

Riley: Riley: See-something, say-something policies can't be tools for racism

Why Detroit city council president's deposition was abruptly halted

The Star Ledger

Sports betting coming to N.J. after U.S. Supreme Court kills federal ban

Man charged with threat to blow up N.J. courthouse

New alleged racial, bias incidents point to culture of intolerance at Camden Catholic

Murphy and unions reach a workable pension solution

The Chicago Tribune

Remaking white elephant suburban headquarters: Is a ‘metroburb’ headed to Hoffman Estates?

EDITORIALS: A local government facing pension pressure. Rinse and repeat.

Unemployment rate for Chicago’s black youth improves: report

Chicago's chief small business officer hopes to make grandmother proud

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Habeebah Grimes named new CEO of Positive Education Program (PEP)

Akron Community Revitalization Fund awards $650k loan; makes way for Phase 2 of Northside Marketplace

Calling for party unity, Sen. Rob Portman's PAC donates to pack of statewide GOP candidates

The Washington Post

DEVELOPING: Dozens killed in Gaza protests as U.S. opens embassy in Jerusalem

Embassy opening hands Israel a long-sought win but some say it could undermine peace talks

The Fix: A look at Robert Jeffress, the controversial figure giving the prayer at the embassy opening

Analysis: Trump’s embassy move is controversial. These 3 maps explain why.

Second Democrat announces support for CIA nominee Gina Haspel

’Howard Forever:’ At Howard commencement, ‘Black Panther’ star celebrates grads

In wide-open 2020 presidential field, Democrats jockey to define their party

As Mueller probe enters second year, Trump and allies go on war footing

Donna Edwards urges Valerie Ervin, her childhood friend, to run for governor

Va. election officials assigned 26 voters to the wrong district. It might’ve cost Democrats a pivotal race.

The Los Angeles Times

More states approving 'red flag' laws to keep guns away from people perceived as threats

Homeless outreach teams ready to bring services to the streets

Essential Education: L.A. school board member Ref Rodriguez resigns from state credentialing board

Talking schools with L.A. Unified's new superintendent

USA Today

Scores killed as violence greets dedication of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

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