today in black history

July 17, 2024

The Port Chicago incident occurred in 1944 when Black Navy ammunition handlers were killed in a violent explosion at the California base.

Today in Black America - January 24

POSTED: January 24, 2022, 8:00 am

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Note: Some newspapers listed use a pay wall that requires a subscription before you can access the article.

USA Today

Don't throw away this document. Why IRS Letter 6419 is critical to filing your 2021 taxes.

FBI searches Center for COVID Control national headquarters

'Horrific': 5 people found dead in Milwaukee home

The New York Times

Omicron’s Spread Could End ‘Emergency Phase’ of Pandemic, W.H.O. Says

President Biden has gotten much right, but the first year of his pandemic fight has been hampered by setbacks.

Top Jan. 6 Investigator Fired From Post at the University of Virginia

The Associated Press

Trial to begin for cops accused of violating Floyd’s rights

Democrats make surprising inroads in redistricting fight

School district makes masks mandatory after community vote

The Washington Post

Youngkin’s mask-optional order divides Virginia schools and parents, threatening chaos

Venmo and PayPal have to tell the IRS about your side hustle if you make more than $600 a year

A felony warrant sought a White man, but police arrested a Black man with similar name, lawsuit says

Should some N.J. school districts merge? The state is offering money to find out

Want to be a parole officer? N.J. agency is looking for recruits.

The average $123,000 NJ police salary must be part of the tax debate | Editorial

The Baltimore Sun

Homicides top cause of ‘unexpected’ childhood deaths in Baltimore, report finds

‘This it not a typical campaign:’ What does the indictment of Baltimore’s state’s attorney mean for the political race ahead?

As Maryland’s omicron wave peaks, western and eastern parts of state look on with hope

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

In reelection year, Georgia governors take on role of ol’ Saint Nick

‘There’s less fear’: Metro Atlanta immigrants feel safer with new sheriffs

Georgia’s giant probation population undercuts focus on most dangerous

The Los Angeles Times

Op-Ed: The Supreme Court’s vaccine mandate ruling is the start of something far worse

LAUSD to require students to wear non-cloth face masks starting Monday

Why pay TV operators are dropping Trump-loving cable networks

The Chicago Sun-Times

Melissa Ortega, 8, was fatally shot while running with mother from hail of bullets aimed at known gang member: police report

What’s next for CPS-CTU?

How to get free N95 masks from the government starting this week

Some newspapers listed use a pay wall that requires a subscription before you can access the article.

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