today in black history

July 17, 2024

The Port Chicago incident occurred in 1944 when Black Navy ammunition handlers were killed in a violent explosion at the California base.

Today in Black America - June 24

POSTED: June 24, 2024, 9:00 am

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Note: Some newspapers listed use a pay wall that requires a subscription before you can access the article.

The Associated Press

The big questions ahead of the Biden-Trump presidential debate

Conservative-backed group is creating a list of federal workers it suspects could resist Trump plans

175 years ago, the US stole land from a Prairie Band Potawatomi chief. Illinois may soon return it

The New York Times

A group supporting President Biden is seeking to focus voters’ attention on the makeup of the Supreme Court.

Boys Are Struggling. Male Kindergarten Teachers Are Here to Help.

What to Know About Jamaal Bowman’s Bitter Democratic Primary Race

The Washington Post

In real time. No edits. A big audience. Biden and Trump are aware of the stakes at this debate.

Pro-Trump extremists are sure he will win. That could be dangerous.

Va. proposed changes to African American history course, documents show

USA Today

16-year-old qualifies for men's 400 final at Olympic trials

Math is hobbling community college students. Some try new approach.

'Of course': Former Justice Stephen Breyer says Supreme Court worries about drop in trust

Trump-backing Congressman has specific ‘white’ Americans he wants to deport

N.J. school will pay $2M to former student who said board president sexually abused her

Jersey Shore town is being blocked from joining newly-merged school district, lawsuit says

The Los Angeles Times

Pushing to close the funding lag that drains millions from homeless services

Carbon-capture projects launch in Los Angeles County as CO₂ levels reach global records

James T. Butts Jr.: Bare-knuckled mayor who rebuilt Inglewood

The Chicago Sun-Times

Man accused of throwing liquid in face of State's Attorney Kim Foxx and then driving toward her

Wrongful convictions unit failed to look into possible police misconduct in murder case, confidential report concludes

Chicago's once-powerful Ed Burke faces sentencing Monday, 'very humbling' days could be ahead

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Is your ‘doctor’ a doctor under Georgia law?

DOWNEY: To cut down on phones in schools, call on parents to help

Battle for Georgia General Assembly centers on a few swing districts

Note: Some newspapers listed use a pay wall that requires a subscription before you can access the article.

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