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June 03, 2023

Pioneering hematologist Dr. Charles Drew, who made discoveries on the use of blood plasma and set up the first blood bank, was born in 1904.

Damn Mitt, it's like that!!!???

POSTED: September 18, 2012, 12:00 am

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Mitt Romney's disdain for the nation's working class, including truly middle class Americans, has always been just below the surface of his well coiffed appearance. The Republican candidate exudes discomfort when attempting to relate to average Americans; those not living off opportunity afforded by a silver-spooned lifestyle. Now, it seems it is finally out in the open. In a video of the GOP candidate at a fundraiser in the home of a major donor obtained by Mother Jones magazine, "Mitt the Rich" just puts it out there and claims President Obama's support is primarily derived from the 47% of the electorate dependent on the government's largesse and dismisses the President's supporters as "victims" who take no responsibility. Never mind that his math is way off; Romney showed his true colors in a moment of what he thought was private candor. "[M]y job is is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." Damn. Mitt, it's like that!!?? It is a striking remark for a presidential candidate and a moment of truth in what has been a right-wing assault on the poor and people of color in the form of a campaign of misinformation and voter suppression built upon a complicit conservative Supreme Court majority that opened the floodgates for a truckload of dirty campaign money.

Now that Mitt Romney's true sentimets have been revealed and are out in the open, voters who might have been willing to give the candidate the benefit of the doubt should see that he is unworthy of their support. Still, there will be those who applaud Romney's biggest of his big lies simply because it is what they have been taught to believe and what they hold as the truth. So much of the tension in our country is based upon stereotypes and lies that it is difficult to cut through the truth. One of the biggest weapons conservatives have had in their arsenal is the charcaterization of the poor, African-Americans, immigrants and single mothers as the "taker class" of America and have expended much energy proppping up that imagery in its campaigns. In many ways Romney's comments are bigger that Reagan's "welfare queen" symbolism because the Republican nominee has simply written off a alrge bloc of Americans as irresponsible and not capable. What voters should be incensed by is the gall of a privileged son of a wealthy capitalist who attempts to portray his wealth as the result of personal initiative and intelligence, and not the result of his very fortunate upbringing.

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