today in black history

April 15, 2021

Harold Washington, first Black mayor of Chicago, was born in 1922, and civil rights and labor leader A. Philip Randolph in 1889.

New Poll gives Prez FLA, OH Advantage

POSTED: September 25, 2012, 12:00 am

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The latest Washington Post poll gives President Obama a numerically signficant lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in Florida and a significant lead in Ohio. The new poll data mirrors polling trends over the last two weeks that show the President leading Romney in all of the key battleground states with the exception of Wisconsin. The developments are bad news for the Romney camp as the GOP candidate has been hampered by several major campaign flubs in recent weeks. All indications are that the upcoming  debates (the first presidential debate is 8 days away) might be the final word on the 2012 election. If Romney stumbles during the debates he will surely lose some support among independents as well as hard-core conservatives unenthusiastic about his candidcay. This downward spiral began in Tampa during the Republican National Convention and his followed Romney in the weeks after the party gathering. 

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