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August 09, 2020

We honor U.S Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim American to represent the United States in the Olympic games.

Today in Black America - April 29

POSTED: April 29, 2014, 6:30 am

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Today in Black History: On this date in 1992 riots erupt in Los Angeles over the verdict in the trial of police videotaped beating motorist Rodney King.

The New York Times

White House Pushing to Confirm Federal Judges

White House to Press Colleges to Do More to Combat Rape

A Deadly Fungus and Questions at a Hospital

Another Season of ‘Dynasty’ for Voters

North Carolina’s Gay-Marriage Ban Is Challenged by Church

Justices Appear Willing to Give a Fired Public Worker Only Half a Victory

Three Contractors Sentenced to 20 Years in CityTime Corruption Case

The Christian Science Monitor

Donald Sterling comments: Is racism hiding in plain sight? (+video)

Sarah Palin says 'waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.' Too tough? (+video)

When is a fish like an incriminating document? Supreme Court will decide.

The Star Ledger

Most U.S. voters say it's unlikely Christie didn't know about bridge plan, poll shows

Campaign capsules in races for Trenton mayor and council and N.J.'s 12th Congressional seat

Trenton mayor accuses ousted fire director of returning 'in the dark of the night' in initial court filing

Rutgers students occupy campus building to protest Condoleezza Rice speech

Sandy housing aid expires for roughly 700 NJ families this week

Bill would 'modernize' NJ's law on child car seats

The Detroit Free Press

Detroit creditor Syncora gains access to DIA documents

Detroit reaches tentative 5-year deal with 14 unions in bankruptcy case

New billboards in Detroit, Flint warn of stiff federal penalties for carjacking

Detroit unveils amnesty program for parking ticket scofflaws

Demand for Detroit housing leads to expanded cash incentive program

Study: 1 in 25 on death row likely innocent

Corbett given major setback on voter ID law

Council committee OKs some parking meter rate hikes

N.J. budget bombshell: Revenue shortfall $800M

Analysis: N.J. facing 4-year fiscal crisis

The Washington Post

Outlook bleak for Democrats this fall, poll finds

Editorial: More half-measures from Obama

Robinson: The racists among us

Capehart: Sorry, GOP, Donald Sterling is yours

Fired public employee tells court his rights were violated

Women systematically denied the opportunity to succeed

Could government jobs have offset America’s low-wage recovery?

McAuliffe signs ‘first step’ to reforming mental health care

The Chicago Tribune

Girl, 14, killed in South Side shooting, 2nd girl hurt

7 Chicago schools to get $100K technology grant

Suburban father, son charged with education fraud of $33M

Child porn charges filed against ex-state Rep. Farnham

Editorial: Clippers' owners remarks will outlive him

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Texas Gov. Rick Perry tells Westlake crowd he expects 'preparation' for another presidential bid

State prison officials defend Dennis McGuire's execution but intend to increase dosage of lethal-injection drugs

Kent State University to commemorate May 4, 1970 events this weekend

Tuskegee Airmen saluted in exhibit at Liberty Aviation Museum

Fewer high school graduates enrolling in college, according to labor department report

The Los Angeles Times

Table set for NBA action on Sterling as sponsors flee

L.A. Council president wants third-party review of Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling's ties to NAACP under scrutiny after race recording

South L.A. rally takes aim at sex trade

Report calls for reform in state's higher education master plan

Pierce College pioneers Statway remedial math course

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlanta to host town hall meeting on budget

Father indicted in death of 12-year-old Eric Forbes

Transition begins for new Atlanta superintendent

Fulton expands early voting

Early primary brings earlier voting - and new challenges for campaigns

USA Today

New FBI agents to visit MLK Memorial

Justices to rule on cellphone searches without warrants

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