today in black history

September 20, 2020

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is stabbed in a Harlem store while promoting his autobiographical book “Stride Toward Freedom” in 1958.

Today in Black America - August 16

POSTED: August 16, 2017, 9:30 am

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Today in Black History: The first postage stamp designed by a Black graphic artist, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of emancipation, was issued in 1963.

The New York Times


EDITORIAL: Trump Makes a Spectacle of Himself

Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost

Stunned TV Hosts Reacted in Real Time to Trump

As More C.E.O.s Exit Advisory Panel, Trump Takes Aim

Baltimore Removes Confederate Statues in Overnight Operation

Don’t Confuse History and Monuments, Experts Say

Premiums to Soar if Trump Cuts Insurer Subsidy, C.B.O. Says

North Korea Says It Will Wait Before Acting on Threat

Alabama Decides G.O.P. Candidates for Senate Runoff

2 Sisters in Charlottesville Sue Far-Right Leaders Over Car Attack


1 in 7 New York City Elementary Students Will Be Homeless, Report Says

Hartford, With Its Finances in Disarray, Veers Toward Bankruptcy

Police Add Civilians in Bid to Better Analyze Crime Data

As 4th CEO quits Trump council, pressure heats up for Campbell Soup executive

Chester County sheriff, a Trump fan, says Facebook post amid violence in Charlottesville was ill-timed

After Charlottesville, spotlight falls on Rizzo memorials

Tear down the Frank Rizzo statue now | Opinion

City, police union agree to 3-year, $245 million contract

The Detroit Free Press

Riley: There are no sidelines for Americans now that Trump has chosen sides

John Dingell, Rep. Justin Amash, others react to President Trump's speech

Detroit school board OKs 7% pay hike for teachers over two years

Michigan AG aide is front runner to be next U.S. attorney in Detroit

Detroit attorney announces campaign for state attorney general

The Star-Ledger

Trump's epic anti-racism failure | Editorial

9 surprising N.J. ties to the Confederacy you probably didn't know

Lawmakers call for major expansion of N.J.'s vo-tech schools

Christie may not like what Wall Street just said about his plan to ease pension pain

Newark vows to reimburse retirees after health care debacle

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Fixing Ohio's gerrymandering problem - Out of Line: Impact 2017 and Beyond

Schools districts - now including Parma - start school earlier and earlier

Ohio band loses rib fest gig after Facebook post on Charlottesville

Former Ohio man 'person of interest' in Charlottesville beating

Euclid police officer seen punching suspect in video was forced to resign from Mentor, records show

The Chicago Tribune

Republicans step up criticism after Trump again blames ‘both sides’ for Charlottesville violence

Analysis: America's far-right stole the spotlight. Now comes the backlash

MARY SCHMICH: David Duke and Donald Trump and the long ties of history

New state science test raises the bar but less than 40 percent of high school students passed

The Los Angeles Times

Hollywood Forever Cemetery to remove Confederate monument

In some states, it's illegal to take down monuments or change street names honoring the Confederacy

City Council panel rejects plan for homes next to a freeway interchange

Despite costly stumbles, L.A. Unified's 20-year construction project comes to an end with opening of Maywood campus

The Washington Post

Defiant after backlash, Trump reiterates ‘both sides’ to blame in Va.

Rhetorical ricochet on Charlottesville illustrates basic truths about the president

Analysis: Trump made it clear: He sides with the alt-right

Baltimore hauls away four Confederate monuments overnight

‘I was wrong’: U-Va. newspaper editor says he was ‘naive’ about alt-right

Ex-prison guards in Ku Klux Klan plotted to kill a black inmate. An FBI informant caught them.

Editorial: The nation can only weep

Analysis: The Daily 202: False moral equivalency is not a bug of Trumpism. It’s a feature.

White nationalists are yelling the loudest, but quieter forms of racism need to be tackled, too

Vanguard America, a white supremacist group, denies Charlottesville ramming suspect was a member

USA Today

Man, fired from job, makes no apology for carrying torch in Charlottesville

Marshawn Lynch draws support of Raiders teammates, coach Jack Del Rio after anthem protest

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